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Periodic table of the elements by the country who discovered them.
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As Human's we are made up of 'Earth's Elements' energized by the 'Spark' of Life!  The Source of that Energy, has been speculated about forever!  Quantum Science Theory of Everything (T.O.E.).  My concern is, 'New elements are being discovered, so does that mean they don't know what we human's are made of, or is part of our bodies missing a few elements!  Once, they are found, reintroduced into the Human Body, we evolve (mutate) into the Prodigal Son of Pure Energy!  Just wondering?  Dr. Gene~Landrum, Theorist/Philosopher of T.O.E.
Of the top 5 are Great Britain, United States, Sweden, Germany and France. There is a huge row of elements are discovered by United States and Germany ever to came in existence. 
The UK is quite noble discovering new elements...
Where are China, Arabian Countries... the most coming from them ; they are older countries in science domain ;)
That looks wrong. From what I've read, many elements were "discovered" in mines, many of which are in Germany, China, australia, Canada. They all look under represented here.
Occident's countries are known for their obscurentism in science of recent past, without China, India, Arabia... we would be again with God's magics and other esotherics things ;) Have a look to excellent serie Cosmos presented by Neil DeGrasse Tyson :)
+Dr Gene Landrum I'd sure like to know how you became a "Dr" from high school.
Elements are universal, not Earths elements.
Energy comes from sun (ever heard of photosynthesis?).
New elements are made in particle accelerators these days, not discovered. The periodic table IS the discovery of everything, chemical wise. You've got a long way to go on your ToE.
+Laurent DUBET There are certainly no elements that are discovered by Asian or Arabian countries. 
Yeah... And Maria Skłodowska-Curie, who by the way got the Nobel prize, was Polish. Rad and Polon (you know where the name comes from?), she discovered, is 'given' to France. Interesting...
What about bitume, explosive powder... Asia, Persia, China, India have thousands years of science (their are the cradle of humanity) Occident has hundreds.
Efforts are stealing peoples and ancient civilizations do not mention the Middle Ages when they were living in backwardness, while there were great civilizations in Egypt and Asia, and South America. Because it is the vanity and arrogance and racism. But remember that the days traded
+Kurleigh Martin yea, but this is quite silly, you know, the country itself cannot discover anything, people can...
+Olaf Keller granted but the infographic never said elements by discoverer's nationality. So while it might not be the most sensible characterization its not inaccurate.
Missing a lot of other countries. First radioactive elements in Olen Belgium. US took it all after the war, and a lot of other things were borrowed or stolen.
+Minh Quan Do
 maybe because most of the natural elements were already discovered by the time when USA were established. So they are creating new elements.
apu T
I want to be part of the Ancient discovery
Well, I am not mentioning who have discovered the periodic system, but why such an obsession with flags?
+Javier Setoain To me your post is an ignorance to Polish complex and difficult history and to me it's very unfair. Sorry to say this, but it seams that you are not awared of this history. This periodic table is interesting, but flattens and omits some historic facts and for that reason it should not be distributed, beacuse it's very misleading. Maria Skłodowska-Cuire was a Polish scientist. At the time of her activity Poland formaly didn't exist (in total for 123 years). I'm proud of the fact that during this period my nation survived, was cultvated  and gave birth to many artists and scientists.
Yea ,yea everything was discovered by White and Protestant. How about Fe and Cu? For reference look into "Sexmission" and you will find that Copernikus was a woman!
+Łukasz Wiśniewski +Javier Setoain You are both right and wrong at the same time :) 
Javier, Marie had a French citizenship, she married a French guy, she spoke fluent French, but she always considered herself a Polish woman. And the French government wasn't giving her education and funding for free. She had to fight for it, and fight hard - because she was a woman. 
You are right of course, saying that those elements were discovered in France, but would it hurt the maker of this graphic to include two flags, like he did with some other elements? 

And, there is a huge difference what the government was paying for. Marie had to get funding for the research she wanted to do - it was her research. Most of the "USA" elements were discovered during and after Manhattan Project. It doesn't matter that the scientist were Jewish, Itallian, German, Polish (yeah, there were quite a lot of nationalities there) - they were paid by the government of the USA to do exactly that, so it's fair that the discovery is attributed to this country. 

Łukasz, I know that the "123" is a pretty number and that's what is being taught at schools, but it's also incorrect. Poland didn't exist for 20 years (1795-1815), or less if you are going to count Duchy of Warsaw (which technically was Poland, but the Napoleon didn't allow to name it that, due to political reasons). For the next 14 years, the status of Kingdom of Poland was exactly the same as it was in years 1768-1795 - a vassal state of Russian Empire. It wasn't independent, but it did exist. Repressions after uprisings took a lot of its autonomy and you could argue that it ceased to exist after 1863 (technically there still was a Kingdom of Poland, but the title was merged with the other titles of Tzar of Russia). If Maria stayed in Warsaw, she would probably just married that guy she was in love with and discover nothing. 

So, can we simply share it? It should have FRA/POL flag on both elements discovered by her. 

Łukasz, and be careful - the same arguments you are making for Maria, are used by Germans to make Copernicus "a German Astronomer". Yeah, I know... 
+Dr Gene Landrum I'm definitely not an expert. The elements on the bottom discovered by the USA were "made" by artificial means in a lab and they usually don't last very long. On the other hand they say most of the universe is made of "dark matter" which we have yet to find.
This love of flags is annoying. Why don't we consider as humanity's progress? I love cultural difference, but does it really mean something in science? 
What is the value in attributing scientific achievements to entire nations? How does this help anyone? As a reference for trivia buffs, it has some novelty value. But to post soemthing like this on the internet and open it for comment is practically trolling.
They omitted Unobtainium from the sovereign nation of the Na'vi.
Looks like a compiler intentionally missed elements discovered after mid-1960s; most of them were synthesised in Dubna and Darmstadt.
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It seem like history as told by the west.
Wow this is so cool! ( Wish it was a higher resolution tough :| )
Filling your stupid little minds with their globalist agenda by this chart. It's a miserable attempt to make globalism normal. It's a shit world full of shit people and stay the fuck out of my country
United Kingdom top of the list and the United States second ---not bad but it's much better if we're  number one. In few years , we'll discover new type of gas or elements will be on the top spot. I am  very optimistic and a strong believer of American excellence.
+Javier Setoain history: there was no Poland in a map in 1898; but Maria Skłodowska-Curie was Polish, so the name of the element is Polonium.
way to go to start a separation by the nation thread, cause that's what science is all about. wtf
Table of Elements,
original word from Arabian Muslimin World "Table of Elements" is Kitabil Alamin (Ketabel Alaameen/KETAB EL ELEMEN).
Kitab = Book-Table-Tablet
"Elements" come from "Al  Alamin" = Basic, Universe (Multiverses, All universe), Nature.
common means = Book of Universe, Book of Basic Universe.

see AL Fatihah surah, in one of the ayat(verse):
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
Praise to Allah "The Maintener of The Universe.

This Table of Elements originaly is from Arabian Muslimin World (Including Ben (Bani) Israil Arabian Muslim (Israilian-Israel-traveler) and Badouin Arabian Muslim traveler and Quraysin Makkah Muslimin Traveler).Probably somewhere else (other culture) has table like this but "the table of Elements - Kitabil Alameen, Book and Terminology Both original from this culture.

Kitabil Alameen refers to Al Qur'anul Hakim (The Truth Reading).  And this reference still in this table of Elements in modern world today world (see the name "Table of Elements and see Al fatihah surah).

The Kitabel Alameen/Ketabel Elemen/KITAB EL ELEMEN (Arabic- Hebrew) and Mathematic, in the Arab world , has been separating Modern Al Kimi from forbidden knowledge -"Siher/Witchery world" and become modern Science in the Muslimin Arab,
since Witchery is forbidden in Islam.
The value in separating it by country is mostly to see where the research was done, historically.  People can't discover elements unless they are educated in the most current chemistry knowledge at the time, and they can get funds to perform the research.  This is why there are so few countries represented.

Also, discovering an element does not mean digging up a rock from the ground.  It means doing analysis to determine the chemical properties and/or atomic structure to verify that the material is unique from the other elements.  That's why the discovery of some elements are credited to countries long after they were "found" in nature.
We discovered the glowy stuff.  We can say "Nuk-u-ler" If we wanna. :)
Countries did not discovered the elements! Scientists names
next year have a new discover chemical from 119 or more
French flag
implying dat Skłodowska Curie was french...
come on google...
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