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Google Science Fair 2014 is now open for submissions.

What do you love? What are your talents? What do you want to change? Combine your interests and passions to change something you care about. It's your turn to change the world.

Start now by visiting the Google Science Fair site:

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Please in which language I can write my project (french/ English/ Arabic) ?
well its my turn to change the world and iam workin on it
I like the Idea Springboard! Great tool for sparking ideas and looking outside the box!
What do you want to change? 13-18 years old? Get your submissions in!
Can i change nerds and geeks who tells me "it cant be done right 1st time" so we dont need more patching patches that somebody already tried to patch?

Last time nerds tried to do hardware was with Toyota brakes and Boeing batteries, we all know how that ended, can we have more people in software like people in constructions, like bridge, dam and sky scraper architects, they cant patch collapsing building. 
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