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Defying gravity, for real!

ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation. Invented by the MIT Media Lab.
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Je veux la même chose à la maison ! Cool l'expérience.
It's not really that cool. The technology has been around for ages at a much cheaper prices, commonly sold as the "Galileo Gravitor". This is basically the same thing, just with computer monitored magnets and some added software. I am, in fact, working on a "gravity defying" device that will work anywhere. Plus, it will cost only $20. You can help shape the product by checking out its post under my profile.
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Now the second time I've seen this posted and feel like stating what I think is obvious, but clearly isn't.
Although the computer controlled ball is cool, and has lots of uses; it is no more "defying gravity" or "levitating" than a hot air balloon or rocket!
A force greater than that of gravity is being applied to the ball, thus countering the effects of gravity. Whoop dee doo! The control element may be smart and "new", but making a big ball baring move with a magnet is hardly ground-breaking.
Is it just me, or is this "revolutionary" floating ball, slightly less amazing than watching paint dry?

Jeeze! What I just wrote makes me sound like an uptight loser with a grudge. I didn't mean it that way. I just think the coverage of this "modern marvel of engineering genius" is a might bombastic.
I think maybe this level of control is the big deal, not the levitation(suspension) itself 
it's a great step in the right direction because now they can track the ball's movements and manipulate it more delicately.
right. like a few years from now, some improved version of this might be used in a medical procedure. or 3D display of some sort. or a hands-free rubiks cube :)
That's really neat! Of course like most things it could be improved but some of the software in this video shows how easy it is to bridge the gap between the real world and 3D computer software.
So.. Finally human can fly, but..... Conrolling by a computer..
Though this doesn't defy gravity in the "pure sense", it does in technical terms. The force of the magnets is going against, or defying, the force of gravity. There forth, it is defying gravity.
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Now we know how it's done, NOT with mirrors but magnets !
I've seen position locking before, but never computer controlled. And that stability demo was sweet. Good job yall.
It's too bad it's not a ball that can act against actual gravity and friction.
I'm wondering if it could be used for magnetic brain stimulation.
Just XYZ your brains' pleasure zone, and crank up the volume to 11....
That is cool but what is the range and the feasibility of other external uses.
cool i love it :) it is aewsome <====l AWESOME PICS
wow!!! It is really amazing. I'll study that one day. LOL
Great work and very inspiring!
Add Microsoft Kinect and we're right there with Back to the Future II
Future is like that! Wish luck to the team in other projects! Great
MIT...always there for something better..! good work..:)
Instead of moving the electro-magnet around, why can't they have a bunch of them, and keep toggling them on and off. It'll make the ZeroN move faster...
One step closer to that hover board on back to the future;)
N Smith
Wait so is this a new element?
+Tanush Samson and varied strength combined magnets could even improve gyroscopic properties too :) The posibilities are enormous.
Note it forms the word L.I.E......
that is a great, can be apply on car?
une sphère magnétique mémorise , c'est logique et beau, quel mystère le magnétisme! pour moi*
The Name sounds like something Apperture Science came up with.
toute et fait par machine et émenter ses n'est juste que de la science
Peut-être, mais ce genre d'expérience peut mener à des applications concrètes dans la vie de tout les jours.
c'est pas une des siennes au moins ?
Bullshit! You are not defying gravity... :P You are using an opposite magnetic force to counter gravitational force. I expected more from MIT. Quite disappointed.
awesome guys keep up the good work!
not true.......... even though i like ifunny
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