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Zoe is a zebra with gold stripes and blue eyes. Her coloration is caused by a disorder called amelanosis. While her coloration makes her stand out in the crowd, in the wild it is a dangerous quality as she is not able to blend in with her herd to protect herself from predators. 

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ali alo
you cute too deanti
AA flux
i pitty Zoe, he maybe bullied by his kind
Poor baby. She is beautiful. Hope she's in a zoo,or wildlife preserve/refuge.
Awwww well even if she can't hid in the wild we still love her and think she is beautiful 
The things that make her stand out make her BEAUTIFUL...the same goes for humans.
That looks so weird. Definitely interesting. 
Poor, Zoe is any treatment for this disorder.
i think she is beautiful you haters should leave her alone
She might be in danger with her Hurd... D:

But don't worry I'll adopt her! :D
im personaly an animal lover myself i think shes the cuttiest &rariest  in the world
Blonde zebra, she might start a trend... §¦:o)
haha lol!!! Cheryl Grays, i am also an animal lover and i think shes soooooooooooo cute as well!!!<3
What if there is is differnet colored zebra or a rainbow zebra. :)
thats so sad that she could get hurt :( poor little zebra
OMG how did they do that i want that so badly !!! XD
Julia P
at least she is unique!
If anyone starts breeding these for looks and money like white tigers, I swear....there will be trouble...and I will not be happy.
i agree with leona ... hopefully protected somewhere ... will read the full story 
She's very pretty but it's also sad that she isn't able to hide herself from predators.
She is nice but how will she survive with predortors near her.
She is nice but how will she survive with predortors near her.
xd i agree with lauretta imuze :)
She looks nice though, But if it was out in the wild then it would get attacked :(
awsome!!!!! its so cool
Peri G
I LOVE THAT....DDDDIIIIBBBBSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw is obssesed wit zebras!
No matter what he looks like he still beautiful.If I could I would take him in and love him. What if we are like that would people say something and turn their backs??
how the hey hey bro bro is that possible?
OMG i love zebras.... now especially Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
That's what u call dangerously beautiful. :)
:( She looks so beautiful but how will she camouflage?!
she is really cute... lol... she is truly a dime...
i think that zebra spent too much time in the sun
but i feel bad for her so yeah
It's just a albino zebra you retard..
See, but she stands out because she's the prettiest and most exotic!
wow never seen one before...very pretty!
God works in weird ways. If we were all the same life would be boring
I feel bad for it... It's easy to pick off by another predator.
She needs to let someone tame her. She can live on a farm and eat better than she ever did and not have to worry about lion attacks.
shes beautiful. I ride horses..i'd die to ride this amazing girl. but I do feel bad for her, not being able to blend in! wish the best for herrr!! <3 my friend pet a zebra before omg!!
i hope she is in a wildlife refuge were she can be an unique zebra
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I hope she is safe, and not in the wild anymore. It's like white tigers, they are targets. Have to go my cat just destroyed something. Lol
Awwwwww she is ADORABLE 😂😊☺
I'm new to this g plus. I try to be the voice for the animals. 
It so cool and weird at the same time! >:)
should blend in with yellow grasslands though
Pretty and tragic beauty isn't always beneficial 
awww.. he must be feeling sad not being able to blend in with his kind.. is there no cure to this disorder?..
wow this photo is hot
To gain something you have to loose something. The beauty she gained but caumofloage she lost.
Hang with baby giraffes. Or start ordering party supplies online

The people quotes about beauty are lost here. Animals aren't vain they just go for the vein 
....a product of cloning with some added changes, maybe? Nevertheless, a beautiful creature.
Awww... but wht ever she's unique.. beauty
If she was where she belongs, she wouldn't be discolored.
If she was where she belongs shed be lunch 
stunning color.....what a beautiful eye!
She's a genetic defect. Pretty to human eyes. Yay one more reason to hold a wild animal in captivity. She isn't pretty from a survival standpoint. It's like a zebra saying a human girl with Down's syndrome and a bow in her hair is pretty
People (humans) are ridiculous this is sad not beautiful 
Is there no cure the girl asks. Yeah it's human extinction. Leave the beasts be. If they get eaten they get eaten. Ten someone will produce a pic of a lion tomorrow that is beautiful, that without having eaten this specimen would have died. Would you people go back to Facebook 
What a sad moment...
Oh how cute... A cleft lip seriously people. 
killing beauty.She is gorgeous in her look, but so vulnerable  
Split lip that is true is better than a big lie! She has a beautiful eye and a color I like but being beautiful is not always being happy.
A blonde hair blue eyed zebra? Hitler would love it.
Wowwwww...dats da reall horse of jungle...beautiful in colour i like it,,,,,,
I certainly would not mind having one for myself - how beautiful!
What a special picture to show my children who may not see this again
they better keep her safe she's a beautiful animal
thats one messed up animal!
The mysteries of nature are amazing
omg i want one of those in my house
سبحان الله خالق الخلق
its either a zebra covered in dirt or a new colored zebra either way its still beautiful
This is zoey I like it's stripes and the eyes
Wow, sin will also make you stand out and isolate you from fellow believers, then Satan, the enemy, will have his way with you.
i feel so sorry for her, so beautiful
its okay she is obviously not in the wild
poor thing she could be bullied by the "normal" zebras
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