Is the "youth vote" important in the 2012 cycle? Watch John Dickerson and the star-studded list below discuss in a hangout at 1:00 p.m ET on the +Face the Nation page. Guests include: 

+Rod Snyder, President of Young Democrats of America
- Lisa Stickan, Chairman of Young Republican National Federation
+Kristen Soltis, Crossroads Generation and The Winston Group
- Heather Smith, President of Rock the Vote
+biko baker, Executive Director at The League of Young Voters
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Young Democrats & Young Republicans...OMG...quick....someone save them some themselves...
Youth Vote is important, indeed.  But i think the Hispanic vote will become a power to reckon with this election, but even more in the next.  Just my thoughts. :o)
+Burt French It's not ourselves we need saving from. It isn't our generation that's F*@*%ing things up.
+Will Larson, it's just your preferred parties (both) loyalist  only help to preserve the status quo...our only hope is for a viable third party to keep the other two crooks in check...
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