We matched last night's real-time +Google searches to +Barack Obama's  #SOTU to bring you a min-by-min breakdown of the speech! Take a look!
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Amazing how people open the computer around the tv/computer at the beginning of the the speech, then stop to watch at key moments.
+John Pritchard Im pretty sure people nowadays search instantly on their smart phones, tablets or laptops as they are watching...its not like the old days when you couldnt even pause something and had to leave the tv and go to the office desk computer to search something... 
While delivering his speech,I felt that behind Obama stood, Lincoln,
rev. King and L.Johnson.
+Rick Hanlon II it can be assumed that it dipped because people were paying more attention during those times, but it can also be argued that maybe peope werent as interested. Its hard to say without hard facts..its just guessing. The fact that the spike is lower though at the end than at the beginning could also be cause people lost interest during the speech...or maybe what they heard was clear to them and they didnt need to search...its all speculations though.

The only thing you can clearly deduce is some points in the speech made certain people want to search those points..nothing more.

For al other conclusions you need a controlled enviroment. Otherwise..its all speculations ;)
+Rick Hanlon II im not concluding either way..im speculating and arguing various points that none can be verified. Also, im not saying people werent interested, im just saying that considering the amount of search before and after perhaps (some) people lost interest by the end of it. Its just comparing the before and after and saying that 1000 people searched before, therefore 1000 should be searching after. Since only 700 searched, 300 possibly lost interest. but you cant assume that either because perhaps 300 had found their answers before the speech and the speech cleared it out for them and therefore they had no need to search.

One thing for sure is that comments of the style that the speech was B.S. etc from anti Obama people are irrelvant..they arent even speculating based on facts..they are just throwing opinions out there which have no basis on anything.

Im arguing both sides...you have to take such "evidence", "facts", "graphs" etc, posted here with a grain of salt...there is no way to get conclusive evidence one way or the other. It is more for reference than for anything else.

Also a chance for trolls to start flamewars with random statements...

+John Pritchard the increase of global temperatures and the reduction in amount of pirates in the world suggest God loves pirates.. Become a pirate to stop global warming: http://www.venganza.org/images/PiratesVsTemp.png
This is bad science. Did in search can mean many things, by casting it as interest you are creating an unverifiable interpretation. #bullshitscience
+Ian Pollock i think thats what we are arguing here..Google is not presenting its findings with conclusions and to reach any based on this data alone is bad science...which Google is not doing...its just reporting the search interest...nothing more
Perhaps people were moved enough to just listen, and not multitask. 
So basically, ...  the trend is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, until he stops talking, ...  then it's almost straight up !!
Well nobody had to check Obamas facts he didn't use any all he said was lies.
This dud lies and expects us to like what he says.  He will face his maker and justice will be done!
what in the world do fact and politics have to do with each other,  politics are the art of deception and manipulation
The Obama Administration is making a historic mistake.
Last night, in his State of the Union Address, President Obama said that "we cannot presume to dictate" the course of Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt. Today we received reports the Administration is actually accelerating its delivery of advanced weapons to this radical regime.
We are arming our enemies even as our own military faces draconian budget cuts that will hamper our military readiness for years to come.
The Obama Administration should not reinforce the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood while cutting our own military. It must not give powerful American weapons to a regime led by a man who called Jews the "descendants of apes and pigs."
As our petition numbers grow, more members of Congress are stepping up to defend Israel and restore common sense to our foreign policy. Speak out now.
Sign our Petition to Stop Funding Egypt and Defend Israel.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
I am told that part time employees who work for 25 hour ever week,however, the small company will have to pay health insurance to part time employees, which in case, most small company will not pay health insurance to part time employees, it cost too much. I think Obamacare is NOT that great. 
I am a senior and my health benefits (Medicare) that I have paid for my entire working life does not take care of me.  I am  a healthy person taking no medications and use very little of what I have paid into for over 50 years cannot pay for the simple shot given when drawing blood for a blood test.  I am so ripped!
When will those who have not grown up in this country realize that the government REALLY does mean--the money the government spends is our money--they do NOT have a money pot from another country to spend on their needs--it is our collective $$$$ that they liberally spend without a thought or concern for us. 
What amazes me is all those hate mongers have never been able to prove the lies they have made up against Mr Obama. He will be known in history as one of the most liked president just as Lincoln was. The hate mongers can't stand that he is black (which he is as much white & black) and that he is honest and fair. We need to wipe prejudice off the planet. Lincoln was not like because he wanted slaves freed. Mr Obama wants everyone freed. Gays,woman,the poor,illegal aliens,elderly and the sick. He has never shown bigotry or anger. It took me 51 yrs to find a president that I would vote for. The rest were liars. If Hillary runs she has my vote to.
Does the study account for the number of people that were watching NetFlix or doing just about anything else since that knew exactly what Obama was going to be saying during the SOTU speech?
Marilyn Calvert: perhaps Obongo also wishes to free the intellectually crippled - which explains your enthusiasm for him
Speech begins, interest trends toward decline throughout.  More of the same.
The peaks are interesting; assuming the data isn't normalized, it could be used in biofeedback products or advertisement to predict audience ... er, engagement.
Least watched sotu in quite some time. Least effective president on economic recovery ever. 
Could you be a bit more specific about the generic statement that bush raised taxes of "everyone else", and of course lowered it on the obscenely wealthy. It strange how since or tax system is so progressive, it hard to give tax cuts to people that don't pay taxes.
I'm a fool for involving myself, but...
Didn't Bush Jr. raise the middle income percentile's tax, leaving the lower and upper unchanged?
well no. The infamous "Bush" tax cut went across the board. Remember that O wanted to leave the middle class cuts and of course punish the evil  1 percent. So as much a we are told that all evil and social injustice in embedded into the tax code to coddle to rich and punish the hard working serfs, it never been true. Why not make all taxes the same rate. I mean if you make more, you pay more, but that's to simple and it doesn't allow for the old shell game were political hack can tax some other group. Envy, one of the 7 deadly sins.
+Michael Durwin my view on it is that our government is made up of 3 main parts that can effect change. The house, senate, and presidency. He who controls 2 or more of those is who is calling the shots. From 1995-2006 republicans controlled 2+. From 2007-present the democrats have controlled 2+.

An amazing coincidence right? Republicans run things for 12 years and we have economic stability. Yet the minute democrats come into power the whole thing goes to hell.

I'm sure you'll just argue that it was just the republican policies hit terminal velocity, but if you actually view the government this way for the last 30+ years there's a common trend: reps improve and grow the economy, dems destroy or stagnate. 
What about all the bad things that Obama is doing?  Let's start with the oil pipeline among a mired of other problems we are facing.  If you don't report truth you are biased and contributing to ignorance and the distruction of the republic.  This country is in huge trouble but you wouldn't know it to read here.  Are you guys living under a rock?
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