Rick Santorum Suspends Bid for GOP Nomination

During a press conference in Gettysburg, PA, +Rick Santorum formally suspended his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. "This presidential race for us is over," Santorum said. "We are not done fighting." Santorum and his family concluded together to suspend his campaign (+PBS NewsHour +YouTube video: goo.gl/xxlNl)

Santorum also used the conference the thank his supporters, specifically citing First Love, the band whose pro-Santorum song "Game On" has achieved more than a million views on +YouTube. With Santorum out, +Newt Gingrich, +Ron Paul and +Mitt Romney are now the only remaining GOP presidnetial candidates.
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In other news, the GOP sarcastically thanked Santorum for completely and thoroughly damaging the brand with "all that Birth Control and Theocracy nonsense". Hope it was worth it Riiiiiick.
Absolutely +Jared D. He was my PA senator for a few terms. Talk about old hat. The guy's a nut. Only in America.
Holy [expletive deleted]. This is real ?
Now, when Gingrich and Romney drop out, we'll be in great shape. ;P
Santorum was just about the worst of the shitbags the Republicans put out there. That or Bachman, but good riddance to both of their sorry asses.
Yeah, I know I should take the high ground instead of resulting to name calling and candidate bashing, but even reasonable people have their limits.
+Derek Cook And keeping with that theme, we must admit that GoogleSantorum's first reasonable act of the campaign was bowing out. In all seriousness, what has this country come to when somebody so extreme, so casual with spreading falsehoods and hate and ignorance, can garner so much POSITIVE press along the way? I was truly hoping he was the nominee, as it would have so marginalized 99.99999% of the country that an Obama victory would have been all-but guaranteed. Now, who knows? As Bill Maher put it, when it comes down to 'pulling the lever', there are a lot of independents and folks disappointed with Obama that they'll just assume vote for a white guy. Sad, but true.
I love the stuff about Reagan. Jesus, do the Republicans get hot for the ghost of Reagan nonstop, or what? These poor kids, they don't even know what they're talking about.
hmmm...is this for real? I can't help but wonder if these girls are just taking the piss out of the rest of us.
LOL @Joh Regan and, hot for the ghost of Regan!
please, please bring Sarah Palin!!! or mitt "the rich" romney should pick bachmann (quoting her in one of her speeches "Why should I go and do something like that? But the Lord says, 'Be submissive wives; you are to be submissive to your husbands" (btw, the husband is totally in the closet!). -Rep. Michele Bachmann, recalling in a 2006 speech at a Megachurch in Minneapolis that pursuing tax law wasn't her choice, but she did so at the urging of her husband because she was certain God was speaking through him) THIS IS GREAT!! the gop needs this to secure an Obama 2nd term plus they are hilarious!!
The next fun part is then speculating on the veep stakes for Romney; I'm guessing Marco Rubio .... to help him with the hispanic vote and guarantee Florida for him.
+John Schuhr Given he's had fairly dismal results in the Primaries to date, it would be rather odd to say the least if the Electoral College ignored the trend and picked him over his rivals.
Who brainwashed these poor beautiful young women?
+Sean Gilbertson Probably a case of "Personality Politics" - the theory that, just as many people who vote in Simon Cowell's talent(less) contests (e.g. Idol, Got Talent, X Factor) pick their choice based on appearance or personality rather than talent; people may do the same for politicians. Or vote for whoever their favourite news source backs, without any regard whatsoever to their actual policies.
I'm still shocked that nowhere in the American media did they cover his little Obama "the anti-war Nig.....uh" slip up.
Holy cow! In that video I counted at least 4 guitars, 1 bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and a munchkin playing an ukulele. Country music has never been so involved...
He'd make a great VP for Romney,... just sayin',...
Based on the images that pop up when I hover over your name +Nate Kasper, I doubt anyone will pick you. That's just my opinion though.
Looking at the history of US Presidential Elections, the last time someone outside the two main parties managed to garner any Electoral College votes was 1972 (John Hospers, a Libertarian, with one vote). 1968 was slightly better (George Wallace, an American Independent, with 46 votes), while the last President who was neither Republican nor Democratic was Abraham Lincoln, representing the National Union, back in 1864.

I have no idea what +Nate Kasper 's policies are (and as I'm based in the UK, don't care), but history doesn't appear to be on his side.

Then again, politics in the USA is a bit bizzare - both the process of choosing candidates and the President seems needlessly complicated - the people voting not for the candidate / President directly, but rather for someone to attend Conference / College who claims they'll vote for X (but depending on which State they represent, may not be legally bound to do so...) According to Wiki, several motions have been made in the past to move to direct elections (like most other democratic countries) but it's never cleared both Houses. I suppose nowadays it's even less likely, as the media are very much attached to spending much of the year preceding elections wittering on endlessly about them; while the rest of the world looks on in amusement and bemusement.
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