The V.P. Candidates: Then and Now

As we prepare for tonight's debate, take a look at how the +Google search interest around the V.P. candidates in 2008 compares to today! 
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Bottom Line, yup, the blue one, thats Biden, the least liked VP in History, and the one we NEVER want to see become POTUS, ever!!! Tonight he will stuff his mouth full of size 11's, it will be hillarious!!!
Seems like everyone already knows about Biden.  He's been a politician for a long time.  Senate since '72 and one of the youngest senators in US History, just like Ryan.
Joe Biden, one heart beat away. That's a scary thought...almost as scary as Dick Cheney being the same :)
I have to disagree - I like Joe Biden and think he is a  genuine, intelligent and dedicated public servant. I think he understands collegiality, and has a love of the Senate and of the political process that is the legislative branch. I have no worries about his intelligence or his abilities and I think he has always kept the middle class of America as his true North Star. Vice President Joe Biden is a gem! 
Ryan always sounds like he's trying to sell me a car and he gets a little too excited about math that he can't prove
Leasst liked VP ever and the one we most wouldn't want to be POTUS?!?...... Dan Quayle would be a better fit than Biden for that statement.
ryan=sarah palin.  Both are a joke.
+Michael Buck Is that what political discourse has dissolved into in our country?  Not a congenial debate between politicians with different stances on the major issues that affect our country, but "stuffin' someone's face full of size 11's".  No wonder they can't get anything done in Congress with constituents like you.
If someone has a comment and wants to discuss it fine and/or wants to disagree fine, but really - the childish zingers are beneath all of us. This is an important election and we have serious issues. it is time for the grown-ups to be out in full force. Google+ has been an excellent place for discussions and respectful discourse - let's keep it that way. 
Love to hear the folks on the right denigrate Biden. Keep it up as he is going to surprise everyone. People forget that he is a skilled debater and has a strong grasp of the facts and will not let Ryan spout lies without calling him on it...
Ryan will have as much influence on Romney as Biden has on Obama - 0.
It was neat when the VP used to just be the loser in the presidential race. I think many more people might be satisfied with that outcome.
Biden will be full of silly sound bites. I can't take him seriously. 
I don't think that is true +Steve Rosenquist. Vice President Biden has actually been a huge help to this White House on the Hill as he has maintained friendly relationships on both sides of the aisle. He has been able to chat up and work with (when it has worked) both Republicans and Democrats.
I think lots of folks forget that Biden has excellent credentials both with foreign policy and judiciary committee service. He is pretty fair-minded and willing to listen to opposing viewpoints. He championed the Violence Against Women Act and several civil rights and anti-crime legislation. He has been on the right side of most of our most recent military issues and he has always been a firm supporter of military families and veterans issues. I think he is very under-rated by people who enjoy sound bites and gotcha moments and who do not pay attention to the amount of "heavy lifting" that some representatives and senators do.
As to the Romney-Ryan ticket - I am still so unclear on where Romney stands because he keeps changing his position to appeal to his audience. I do not think he has any vision for America, he simply wants to be President. I also think his actions speak louder than his words - he dodged the draft, he certainly did not instill any regard for service to country in his children (none of whom have served), he has not released his tax returns, he lied about his residency in the Massachusetts election for governor, he does not have an interest in or understanding of our global interests, he speaks first and thinks second, and he exhibits a huge sense of entitlement. While I disagree with Ryan's stands on issues, he at least appears to have the courage of his convictions. All in all, I am concerned that the Republican party is so willing to put the needs of a very few above the considerations of the Country. We need a sense of working together to solve problems not the pettiness that has gone on and the failure to do the tough work we sent our representatives and senators to Washington to accomplish. Most states are sending their C or D teams to Washington when we need A teams - quite sad.
The graph doesn't have much value to me.  What do the horizontal lines represent?  Its not actual numbers but some type of smoothing average.  I'm sorry if I missed something obvious. I'm new to this. 
As I predicted Biden totally owned Ryan and made him look small. Loved the humor he used to confront Ryan's lies... 
Most polls have Ryan winning the debate against a sitting VP!  Great job Paul!
Most polls????? Good joke, just like Ryan.
RCP Obama/Biden have a lock on less than 10 states!  The bleeding continues.
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