Four Screens to Victory

As we’ve shown through our search trends series, voters across the globe turn to Google and YouTube first to research, understand and share political views and candidates everyday. However, Google isn’t just a tool for voters. Our Politics & Elections Team has created solutions that help campaigns and candidates - up and down the ballot - organize, reach the electorate, and persuade undecided voters by connecting with them. Increasingly today, that connection with voters isn’t just happening at front doors and local coffee shops. It is happening online as voters use the Web to get involved in the issues that matter to them.

Today, we’re launching “Four Screens to Victory” ( inside the Google Politics & Elections Toolkit ( where candidates and staff can make the web work for you. By learning how Google’s measurable solutions can win the moments that matter, campaigns can accelerate and amplify the impact of your television ads and help create a multi-platform marketing strategy that reaches voters where they spend time.
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