The Top Four

We turned to +Google Search to look at what issues Americans were searching for during tonight's debate (8:45 ET to 10:45 ET). 

Simpson-Bowles led the way, followed by Dodd-Frank and who is winning the debate. The term "big bird" came in fourth, based on a comment made by +Mitt Romney regarding +PBS.  

Take a look! 
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I don't think I can express the depths of the sadness I feel when I see that the third most popular search term during the debate was "Who is Winning the Debate" - figure it out for your own damn selves people. You don't need to be told what to think!
I like that you put "Big Bird" in yellow. Also that apparently nobody knows how to tell whether someone is winning a debate. Kind makes you wonder whether or not debates are even worth having.
Obama really should have told mitt he's just a dumbass.
From my understanding, these are not the top searches just the top rising searches (meaning people were not searching for these things before but now they are). Someone want to correct me?
Romney mentioned big bird. I am actually surprised this didn't hurt him more.
Mitt Romney is a great man and won the debate.  He is an advocate for freedom and prosperity.
Romney is a great liar and will say anything to win.
+David Child The Mitt Romney who implemented the individual mandate in Massachusetts? The Mitt Romney who, despite his rhetoric against big government, complains that cutting the military (aka government) will cost thousands of jobs?

Mitt Romney doesn't believe in free markets any more than I believe in Santa Claus.
You know John Kerry won the first debate too. Bush still won so I don't think it will matter much.
ROMNEY told obama how it was and he told the truth,,,,AND PEOPLE SEEN IT....OBAMA COULDN'T EVEN USE HONEST FACE AS WE INDIANS  WOULD SAY.... 
Anna poltifact said Romney lied about his job numbers and tax code. Besides if anything this thread is proving my point. Voters already made their minds up before the debate.
I Like how Big Bird has a yellow tab
+Anna Maria Gaynor _"As you Indians say"_ (???) yup, doubling down on statements that are false should work for you. As we ___ would say, "Etch-a-sketch" took the bait, "hook, line and sinker".  There's much more etch-a-sketch "we don't let fact checkers dictate" material spewed from "who am I today Mitt".  
If anything you can always tell by how a person speaks and who knows what they are are talking about when they speak right out and say it confidently as Romney did all evening and ledt Obama with a loss of words. Obama was searching for words the entire night and didnt even answer the question what would he do in office if elected again over the next four years. He just reiterated on Romney's answer. 
You are so right about Romney, and you said it so well.
+Marty Penate George Bush was never a good debater either. John Kerry took a nice gain in polls after their first debate, but we both know who won in the end. 
I hope the elections are honest.  I hope they will not be rigged.
+Adam Freeman No need for excuses. The style points went to Mitt, the facts to the President. All we have tomorrow are more "etch-a-sketch" material to go around. And jokes like "I took out Bin Laden" vs. "I'll take out Big Bird" - which is hilarious in so many ways... 
+朴德江 BB is a character on a popular children's television show call Sesame Street and it has been on for decades.  Decades.  He or she is a six foot yellow pigeon.
I didn't make excuses. I am generally wanting to know if the debates actually impact things.
The search for who won is everybody looking for validation that the person they support was the winner. If we're all honest with ourselves, most of us had our minds made up a long time ago, and we're simply looking for confirmation.
Those of us who made an honest attempt to fact-check found that Romney lied out his ass, and Obama was marginally better, though he took more of a fudged numbers route.
+David Child , if your faith in Joseph Smith is strong enough, Mitty will win... If he doesn't win , its because you are not a true believer in the Mormon god. Good luck! :)
Really internet? From all the things you could get from the debate Big Bird is No.4??? We are doomed I tell you, doomed... :(
mitt just spoke his mind&tried to play'mr nice guy' but didn't know'how' to go abt with governing.obama 2 sympathetic but was real.
+Daniel Tinkov Oh, pooh!  I search on Big bird out of a moment's curiosity to see what it turns up.    You can't read much into these things.
It's terrifying how so many people base whether someone is a good candidate on whether they "look presidential", or how comfortable they are in a debate.  Neither one of those guys will be good for the country - their policies are terrible!  You never heard either of them talk about what specifically they would CUT to reduce the deficit and start reducing the debt.  Other than Romney throwing out a "zinger" about PBS and the Dept of Education, nobody mentioned reducing the hugely oversized Federal government.  Heck, Romney wants to INCREASE spending on defense when we already spend literally 6x more than the 2nd highest military spending country, China.  Do we really need that much defense spending?  Really?!?  Oh wait, but there are TERRORISTS out there who want to GET US!  LOL  Maybe if we mind our own business and leave other countries alone, we won't have so many enemies!
The President can not cut spending.  That is up to us and our Congressional representatives.
I hope Romney wins, as well as Boenher, as well as the conservatve take over in the house and senate.That way when theses elitist have a corporate communist take over and your stuck paying for $7.00 or more for a gallon gas, higher grocerys, higher insurance premiums;and the working class has to pay higher taxes, while all the corporate executives have their tax rates dropped!Don't blame the dems or the Independents.
we already diggin ourself out of a hole we can barely see light out of yet
+Robert Pitas While I agree with some of your sentiment, these are the people you will have to make a choice, or, sure, you can choose not to vote.

But if you choose not to vote, you don't get to say the other half of your sentiment (what you want) because it becomes Quixotic. 
It is typical repub sentiment.Too bad as an experiment in political science, to round up repubs and put them on an island and let them develop their ideal society. The fun part would be watching them back stab each other.
It has been to my understanding that the Repus alwaysed idolized ancient Roman as the ideal society.There are hints of this by the stone columns that hold up Capitol Hill. The socalled Corinthian architecture, that stains the ideal of tje true Graecian democracy.

The ideal fanatasy of the Repubs, is to be rich and control their own destiny. I in an instant would trade every dollar to establish a moral society.

I do not recall, claiming myself to be a dem, nor liking zombie movies.I have not been to the
theatre in over a decade because Hollywood does little historical accuracy in their films. If you must know I am a registered Independent, as in I chose my own political logic.
Come on the Roman symbolism is all over the country, from the type of government to architecture.I am not saying that this is your personal ideal state of mind. Let me ask you this, when you were a child whom did you hear of first, Hercules or Herakles? I am betting it was Hercules. When you spell a Greek name is it with a C? It is not your fault it is just the ideals of our founders to establish their new Rome. We were all subconsciouly geared towards this. I for one look forward to the day our demos is able to fill the house and senate, without these permanent termed lawyers and doctors.Citizens will be rotated in and out within a month so as lobyist could not be able to bribe sentors or congressmen, in time for a vote.

I believe Plato was wrong in at least one concept, the ideal state can exist with a democratic government, as long as the people are sufficiently educated,strive to curve corruption, and have the wisdom not to be manipulated.
Your last paragraph, " a democratic government", you went on to state, "as long as people are sufficiently educated,"If this could only be made a public challenge, the last two points would take care of themselves.
And yet we are in class war of Corporate elitism vs. the working man's ideal of freedom. This conflict has throughout the decades evolved from White collar vs. Blue collar to Religious and moral ethics, to Citizens vs. Immigrants. This boulder of chaos is rapidly descending down the mountain, gaining more momentum each day until it finally crashes and splits open causing another civil war. And make no mistake this will be a bloody war, not just heavily opinionated rhetoric. The only way to difuse this is to help the working lower class. To much attention has been placed on the Middle class, while the.working poorer anger and resentment is at the highest since 1929.This new Santorini threatens to destroy the United States, unless we find away to cool of the underlying magma. The only way to do this is to stop the bankers and Wallstreet from taking over the country. If you disagree with this, then ask the Occupy Wallstreet movement why are they politically active.
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