Nevada Caucus - And we're live!

The Nevada Caucus results are trickling in at You can watch the numbers in real time with Google and the NVGOP.
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Should be an interesting vote in the general here---heavy concentration of Mormons versus the Democratic union strongholds....
Wow <100 people voting in Mineral County. Newt wins by 2 votes
With Gingrich and Santorum not on every state's ballot to matter, they need to drop out.
Well, most of the public doesn't want him to win, either.
+Clay Caviness I attribute that to ignorance. The oligarchy wants him to disappear and will stop at nothing to make that happen. Regardless of Paul's finish in this race the sand is shifting under our rulers feet and it's just a matter of time until their tower comes down.
Doesn't seem like the candidates could agree on which group to hate on & blame in Nevada, They looked in the mirror and saw the enemy is " U S ".
By establishment you mean the politicians and corporations that live off our tax money. Than yes Ron Paul is their worst nightmare. He stands no chance.
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