The +Google Politics & Elections team analyzed +Paul Ryan's and Joe Biden's search interest in eight battleground states over the past 90 days. We then looked out how their search interest compared to the VP candidate's campaign stops in those same states. 

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But have those are for Meg Ryan and Ryan Reynolds.
I would think that the search interest for Ryan would naturally be greater because he's newer to the Presidential race and people want to find out about him.  Biden's been around for quite a while.
+Brian Baskerville I'm pretty sure Biden actually predates congress itself.  He's been voting and arguing since the before time all by himself.
Biden is a dud ergo the poor search interest. Ryan has fresh ideas and is generally more liked. He'll be a great VP!
If by "fresh" you mean "ruinous to the nation," I agree! ;-)
Biden has been in politics before you were born hence people know him. ryan is the new sara palin ergo search interest.
+Craig Froehle you're right, I'd hate to give up the high life we're living here in America at the moment....
+Lane Greer you mean John F "trickle down economics" Kennedy? 

I'm not sure you have your presidents correct....
(I also scoff at capt "uuuuh...uhhh, um, let me be clear" being "well spoken", but Sheriff Biden did call him  " clean, articulate black man the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" so I'll let it slide....) (edited for accuracy....)
+Lane Greer fair enough....not sure about the "more accomplished speaker" bit, he's been doing it for 5 years now, so he's been at it longer :)
the thing is, they know biden. ryan's relatively new, they want to see who he is.
that said, it might tough to get to know him, considering how much he lies... ;)
+Faraday Defcon , sorry, and you seem like a lovely person, but it's just not true. The facts are mostly lies, and Ryan and Romney are both... well, let's just say they aren't the sharpest knifes in the drawers.
+Joseph Beck  I don't disagree with the first part! From either side of the political spectrum, you get crazy liars, but it's about the candidates.
However, when you look at the facts, it becomes clear that the honest POTUS tells truths, while Romney and Ryan often lie.
Obama gave up some time ago.  I really don't believe he even wants another 4 years.  Time to get someone who really wants the job!  Polls leaning in Romney's favor, landslide on the way.
Jason, your polls are wrong. Polls are on Obama's side, in fact there is little to no chance of Romney winning at this point.
+Emma Briklens you can't be for real. I hope your liver's in shape and passport is up to date; I suspect you'll need both on 11/07.

The news this week is all about Romney taking the lead 
Romney up in 11 swing states and 4 points nationally, which is still weighted heavily to the democratic electorate.  The polls were never truly close it's just that the pollsters are finally being a bit more honest with their data.  11.6 will be a landslide for Romney, just ask my liberal neighborhood with tons of Romney signs.
Jason, you are being dishonest either to us or to yourself.  Romney isn't up by that much, unless you've cooked the data.
Jason, you conveniently ignore today's NBC/WSJ poll where Obama is up by one in Florida.  See RealClearPolitics latest polls.
If NBC only has Obama up by 1 then he's really in trouble!
It's NBC/WSJ.  WSJ stands for Wall Street Journal.  But in any case it is (and would have been) a judicious, honest poll.  Obama up by 1, just as he'll be on Nov 7.
Thank you very much. I'm excited for nov. 8th!
Even CNN has Ryan as the winner tonight, makes it official:-) 
 In a CNN snap poll, 48 percent of respondents said Ryan won; 44 percent chose Biden. CBS’ snap poll has Biden with 50 percent and Ryan with 31.  A split decision, Jason.  Though, frankly, I thought Ryan was impressive with his knowledge of foreign policy and his comportment.  Biden, to his credit, spoke movingly in defense of the middle-class and was exquisitely knowledgeable about everything.  I think Ryan will suffer with the fact checkers. 
From early reports, both candidates suffer in the eye of the fact checkers.  Damn.  I was hoping that Ryan would be slammed much more severely of the two.  I guess I just don't always get what I want.
CNBC Ryan 56% biden 36%. Fact checking thomas? You do know that biden voted in support of both wars but lied about it last night as well as knowing about requests for security in Libya, lied about that too. Even liberal MSNBC called him out on it. Its over.
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The Chicago Tribune in their fact-checking report call the miscues "slips."  Horsepucky.  Both Ryan and Biden told outright lies.  If the debate was a job interview -- and it pretty much was -- then neither of them should be hired.  It is outrageous how degraded our political scene has become.  Both of them should have been chased out of the building and told if they stayed on their respective tickets then America would be electing Gary Johnson.
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