Presidential hangout now on YouTube

Missed today's hangout with President +Barack Obama? Watch the full video below and let us know what you think.
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What's the point when he completely ignores the questions the American people asked. 18 of the top 20 voted questions were on ending or seriously altering the failed war on drugs. Complete silence on the President's part. He shouldn't pretend he's listening, if all he's going to do is ignore us.
e.g., if Google knew these questions were important and still overlooked them, then either Google was bullied or Google willingly complied.
+Boony McHugh Because Google has a ethical responsibility to accurately convey information. If Google is doing this, here, what else is being engineered, and to what end?
I'm not American, but I'm surprised at the ungrateful statements here. Google made it possible for you to ask and your president to reply and explain, AND most important - retains the whole conversation for all to see and ponder. Don't bash the messenger! (Unless you're trying to dissuade them from giving you opportunities like this ever again.)
It isn't ungrateful. Don't talk like it's your patriotic duty to do exactly as the government tells you. In the midst of what's going on with their privacy policy, this will have repercussions.

I am a stockholder in Google. Understand that my reasons for dissent are deeper than mere patriotism.

Don't judge me based on your personal allegiances.
I expect every citizen to do it's civic duty. Google is highly influential, and the government knows this. It is the ethical media's position as US citizens to make clear the demands of the People.

Do you even know what history is? The Press is an important tool that can either uphold Democracy or plunge a nation into despotism.
You know, you really are writing nonsense. By giving people a platform to ask questions Google DID make 'the demands of the people' perfectly clear. Exactly that.
So at what capacity does media become "biased"?
When is it acceptable to cry "Propaganda!"?
When is wrong to "stir up trouble"?

lol it is painful to see people fall so in line that they'll actually defend the government against its people?

Do you really think this is acceptable behavior?

We as People can make our own fucken platform - that's what the Occupy movement is all about. We don't want our issues covered up by large corporations like Google.

This is a slap in the face to the American people. How dare you come into a discussion about American issues and critique an American citizen's style of patriotism.

If the fucking #1, AMERICAN citizen questions was absolutely ignored by both Google and the President of the USA, something is wrong.

It was the #1 question. What could possibly be the reason not to have it answered?

Google offered the People a chance to ask questions based on how important those questions were, and the #1 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION was ignored.

And you're defending that type of social engineering?

Get the fuck out of here with that Nazi shit.
Well run event. Nicely done in performance, I think it increases the likelihood of a second term.
Though looking into the engineer job-hunting situation was a bit of an overkill, not becoming for a President. He shouldn't have ventured down that path (but I would probably have done the same if I was President, because I would, like the President, be eager to help as well).
I wouldn't assume Google picked the questions.
+Chris Jefferies

"By giving people a platform to ask questions Google DID make 'the demands of the people' perfectly clear. Exactly that."

^^ Here's an Orwellian arugment
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