The Minute-by-Minute VP Debate Breakdown

We analyzed real-time +Google search data to match when viewers were searching the most for the candidates with what was being said on stage.

Take a look at our minute-by-minute breakdown and let us know what you think! 
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I like how everyone was fact checking lyin' Ryan.  Good show America. 
Biden did well, but man, Obama and Biden need to learn how to close. Either look into the camera at the American people or at your challenger... it is the last thing the viewer will see and a majority of what they'll remember. Just look at that divergence at the end.
+Lucas Bonner We have no idea why they were searching, most likely with lyin Ryan they were fact checking after mendacious Mitt last time.  
+Rarian Rakista I understand this is based off of searches, but clearly Ryan's closing statement had more people searching and Biden's kept no one's attention after Ryan started speaking. A good closing statement can often mask another's. Biden was so commanding throughout, just not at the end. It was weird to me.
Oh yeah cause Biden said he didn't vote for two wars when in fact he did. And he directly contradicted the State Department and through the IC under the bus. As a member if the IC I take offense to that.
+Jim Savell Senate's version of the war bill I thought was going to be paid for, it was the house that pushed through the mess we have now.  
biden knows he is a liar, has been ever since he took office, he needs to be retired ASAP.
Either way Biden said he didn't vote for it. Either way Ryan provided actual numbers for people to fact check where as Biden used the same old tired numbers that we know aren't true. Out of the of the four candidates who are running for President and VP one of them has actually done well in business and for some reason that's a crime. Dems cry against successful people because they need people to think that we need them to survive and we don't.
+Jim Savell Being successful in business has nothing to do with running government effectively. In business, when you get to a certain point, you can just sell off the company, liquidate the assets and walk away with a profit. Sorry if the idea of selling our country off for scrap doesn't appeal to me.
Yeah but understanding how the am economy is actually run has to be better than what we have gotten from the current President, who if you remember had NO experience when he entered office and it has shown on the economy and his foreign policy. He is weakening the military, just as Clinton and you know what happens, the ones who are actually good at their job will get out. 
The job of the president is not to dictate the economy - under a Kingdom or a Dictatorship, perhaps, but in our representative government, the economy is more affected by Congress, who has shown no interest in doing anything other than their stated goal of forcing this President to a single term. If they can't accomplish that next month, then they will have effectively done nothing at all.
Dictate the economy? I'm sure that's what Obama did when he continued Bush's and Bernanke's "Too Big to Fail" farce by bailing out Detroit, minus Ford. How is that not dictating the economy? And don't forget that it was Democratically controlled Congress at the beginning of this train wreck. 
He had a Democratically controlled Congress for just over two months out of four years, or about 4% of Obama's term. I suppose they could have done a lot of damage in that very short amount of time.
+Jim Savell Governments provide loans all the time. Globally, they are major creditors.
+Jeremy Tregler Being successfull in business has a direct benefit and correlation with running a free nation.  Knowing that you get more out of people when they have purpose and value will reap a more unified workforce, community, and family.  Selling America?  Thats whats happening now, through debt.  We want to get it back.  Extending unemployment benefits, and lowering requirments to get the benefit, motivates people to stay home, while slowly becoming skillfully useless, due to their own inaction. Americans want to earn what they get.  We want to feal valuable.  Government support simply enables the opposite.  Obama has been bad for america.  I thought he might pull us together in 2008.  I was wrong.  Reconsider your position.   
I like how everyone was fact checking lyin' cackling Biden. Good show America. 
+Moses Bullock You think the unemployment problem is caused by unemployment insurance? No mention of the financial crash. No mention of structural unemployment. No mention of a do-nothing congress thats hoping america fails.

Gee, if only all those unemployed people would just fill out more job applications, the financial crisis would be solved.

the american voter scares me.
I'm confused - my 401(k) took a dive in 2008 because I didn't "feel good" about my self worth? What the fuck are you talking about?
+juan alderete That is exactly correct.  There are jobs everywhere!!  I live in one of the hardest hit states, and it is difficult to find good qualified people who actually want to work.  Of cource this is a labor force issue.  Why get a job when you make more money on government subsidies, and you can watch TV all day.  Its sad.  Are you employed?  My success does not rest on the shoulders of the federal, state, or local government.  The constitution of the United state grants me the structure I need to find success, if I am too un motivated to go find it, that is my fault not my neighbors.  Come on.  Look at yourself.
+Moses Bullock That's just not true. 30 to 1 applications per job is the average, in areas like the northwest or the rust belt, it can be as high as 300 to 1. I have a job and have started two businesses in the down economy. My major problem is access to credit. Despite the USFG recapitalizing banks, they still won't loan to creditworthy small businesses, when they can use the money to play with arbitrage spreads in the swaps market.

We are 25 million jobs short of full employment, so statistically, you are full of it.
+juan alderete umm yea he is anti biz, the only reason the stock market had gone up as much as it has, and every economist knows this, is because of QE1, QE2, and QE3, and if you don't know what those are look it up. 
+Jeremy Tregler your 401k problem is a result of mortgaged backed securites.  Clintons idea of a home for everyone spawned ARM's Neg Am Loans No Doc Loans etc.  Even the ones who couldnt afford the loan got it by lying.  Your argument doesnt hold water unless you selectively frame your point based on a narrow scope of history.  And even then clearly the buck doesnt stop with you, or the president.  Oh yes and please keep your obsene language to yourself.
the 3rd one is false because 50% ofall the money in the US belongs to 100 individual
+Joe Shark He's so anti-business that he's expanding the supply of dollars? You'll have to do better than that.
And 70 percent of the tax revenue generated also belongs to them.
+Moses Bullock You're pretty much dead wrong on the housing timeline and the problems of fraud in the mortgage markets. Major fraud didn't happen at the level of origination, major fraud happened at the securitization, hypothecation and infinite rehypothecation, as well as the level of insuring and rating.

In other words, the individual homeowner had nothing to do with the financial crash. The cart led the horse on this one.
+Rarian Rakista I'm curious, on perhaps the most significant topic discussed in the entire debate, the fact that the President's "well off people pay a bit more and we'll be alright" canard is a budgetary and mathematical impossibility, where did Ryan lie? Just walk me through the math of how an extra $40-60 billion a year (assuming 0 tax minimization) will balance a $1 trillion dollar annual deficit.

I realize conjecture, hand-wavery, and anecdote are incredibly popular in comment threads, so pardon me for engaging on the data and figures, I know it make some folks uncomfortable.
Yep, because business can't take advantage of that $, because the banks are taking the money at almost 0% interest & relending back to government only. Why should the lend to biz, & take risk, when the gov will gladly pay for it. Business lending is at an all time low. The $ is staying with the banks & government. 
+juan alderete So if you can do it, why not everyone else.  Are you extra special.  I interview people on a weekly basis, and the reason is a deficincy in qualifications, and grooming, and manners etc.  The reason banks arent lending is because they are affraid.  The stress test requirments, the obama policies, the future of their solvency. That also leads to large cash reserves and higher liquidity, which looks good on wall street.  The problems you are facing are a result of Obamas policies.  They are killing you and me both.  The difference is I will not blame anyone.  I will get stronger.
+Moses Bullock The do-nothing congress is the problem in our slowly improving economy. If they would get out the way, we could invest in teachers and job training. But they are holding us hostage for tax cuts for the banking class.
+Joe Shark Agreed. But fed activity is independent of who is in the whitehouse
+Michael Durwin in what state does an individual or business pay 14% rate? Cause I I'm self employed & either I have the worst accountant on the planet or I should move. I'm in the great commy land of NYC. With the top bracket & state income taxes individuals & box's are most certainly paying over 50% not counting an almost 9% sales tax, and the litany of other taxes which are astronomical. I love how ppl argue for for taxes, YaY taxes. You know if you want to pay more you can send in extra check to the treasury department. Bill Clinton rode the tech explosion which bubbled & collapsed & billions of the dollars of unwarranted worth in companies not worth .10 cents. He pretty much didn't do damage because he was kept in check by R congress and Senate. 
+Michael Durwin I have earned everyting I have, successes and failures.  I grew up as an orphine, no family.  Emancipated from being a ward of the state at the age of 17.  Got my first job as a gas attendent and have always had a job since then.  It has been 22 years.  It has not been easy. I was as poor as you can be, now I run a car dealership.  I am better of financially than most.  I worked for it.  You darn right I am "one of those" "deniers".  Oh, by the way, I have willingly paid my legally required taxes for the good services the government provides, and not a penny more. +juan alderete if im wrong please elaburate.
LOL! A car dealership! You might as work for labor department, commie.
+Michael Durwin Just becuase the Government regulates (at a cost) everything doesnt mean the people didnt pay for it.  Government takes money from the people and regulates with it.  They produce NOTHING.  The waste our money on confrences and pet projects.  There are worthy national expenses, to be clear, I am not talking about those.  Nothing in that picture can be credited to government, outside of haveing there hand in our pocket. 
+Moses Bullock Actually, the government is very effective at capital reallocation for failures in the market place. These reallocations actually cause economic growth. For example, food stamps. For every $1 in food stamps, we actually generate $1.39 in economic activity.
+Michael Durwin I like the things you have pointed out in your picture.  Those things indeed exist in the United States, but I don't think of them as "help" in growing a business.  They exist for everyone- I consider that a level playing field.  It's what an individual does with those things that matters.  That's what I mean when I say I built my business by myself.
+juan alderete We will never see eye to eye.  You keep doing what you are doing, and I will do what I am doing.  You are part of the 47% that Romney spoke of. 
The auto mobile industry is subsidized by every industrial nation on the planet.
+Moses Bullock Uh, no, Im not. First, I pay federal income taxes because I make a ton of money. Second: “I’ve had it up to here with this notion that 47 percent — it’s about time they take some responsibility here,” Biden said during a discussion about unemployment. “And instead of signing pledges to Grover Norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a pledge saying to the middle class we’re going to level the playing field; we’re going to give you a fair shot again; we are going to not repeat the mistakes we made in the past by having a different set of rules for Wall Street and Main Street, making sure that we continue to hemorrhage these tax cuts for the super wealthy.”
+juan alderete What's your tax rate?  How do you make a ton of money?  I work for Toyota, and recieve zero help.  
+Moses Bullock Your subsidies come from the Japanese government, which makes it possible for toyota to sell cars at their prices, which is why you have customers.

I am in the 28% bracket, but that's not how most of my income is taxed. (Most of my income gets stated on a 1099b, which has a 60/40 split for capital gains/regular income. I think its insane that my labor is taxed a higher rate than my gains in the commodities markets. Walking to the mailbox to collect a dividend check isn't work, but getting up everyday when the sunrises and leaving to go back home when its dark is.)
+Moses Bullock I find it unfortunate that Romney feels the need to break the country in half and only service one side of it. Given your sob story, I would have thought you'd be more compassionate for "orphins" and such. If you'd like, I could "elaburate." 
I'm still amused by US citizens worrying about the state of their economy. The last time I looked, your economy was growing - and by over 2%. Contrast that with pretty much everywhere in Europe where economies are either flatlining (e.g. UK) or going into reverse. Oh, several European countries are implementing austerity measures to reduce their deficit - those are going down really well with their citizens (NOT!) - so any politician that thinks they can create a significant dent in the deficit (apparently the US spends 1.5x what it receives in federal taxation) without severely financially disadvantaging a significant chunk of the electorate is living in cloud cuckoo land.

All politicians make promises they either (a) have no intention of keeping, or (b) would like to keep but know there's a snowball's chance in hell of them being able to do so due to external factors. How much of the current administration failing to do stuff has been because they haven't tried, and how much because they've brought legislation before Congress only to have it kicked out by the opposition?

I've seen several comments along the lines of "Biden is lying" or "Lyin' Ryan". To which I'll say: try and find a senior politician from either party who always tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There's an old joke that springs to mind: "How can you tell if a politician is lying?" "His mouth is open."

As for the military, you do realise that the US spends more on its military than the next fourteen biggest spending countries combined - i.e. you spend more on your military than China, Russia, the UK, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Australia and Canada put together. I somehow think you could introduce significant cuts to the military and still spend significantly more on it than anyone else. Annual above inflation increases in military spending aren't going to make you any safer while causing even more pressure on the budget.
+juan alderete I take the 47% comment back.  You produce.  If you are happy with the way things are going, I am happy for you.  I have three sons and dont like what the US is turning into.  I want better for them.
+Jeremy Tregler I know Romney does not want to divide the country.  I think he believes the country is already divided, and I think it is divided as well.  He wants to unite it.  He was simply referrencing an obsticle that he will face in order to be elected.  Thats how I took that comment.
+Jeremy Tregler I am compassionate for unfortunate people.  I believe in order to truely help someone, they must first be willing to help themselves.  I never recieved the help I thought I wanted, so I was forced to help myself.  That trial slowly sharpened my, made me independant, stronger, more determined and ultimately who I am today.  Had I had someone to soften the lessons of life, I would not be able to stand as firm and sure as I do today.  Now I have three sons who look to me for guidance.  I do not do their homework for them.  I let them fall, I let them fail, I let them succeed.  In the end, its your life, what you do with your 90 years, is up to you. 
+Jeremy Tregler Thats the difference between people like you and people like me.  You call it a "sob story", I call it life. 
+Michael Durwin let's clear away some FUD - Bill Clinton, the sainted steward of economic success, well guess what? Not so much. It's a common, wildly inaccurate belief that people who don't do their research cling to, here's the reality:

There was this little thing called the Internet Bubble. During the bubble, stocks and new IPOs spiked in unprecedented fashion. The revenues it generated were almost entirely inorganic and fell dramatically when it burst. The deficit fell to near-zero as a temporary side-effect of the massive, inflated government revenue spike that resulted. The fact is it would have been a honeymoon scenario for any President to preside over whether taxes were 35% or 39%...that is, until it all came crashing down. Perhaps elation over this falsely canonized cult-hero-President also distracts people from the fact that our deficit was already making a comeback more than a year before Bush took office as a result of the collapse of the bubble.

If you'd like further details and more granular data points, CEPR did a fantastic analysis on the whole thing:

And that's the word.
+Daniel....yup. But they are still going to argue. It's pointless.
+Moses Bullock I call it a "sob story" because you mention that you're an "orphin" and nobody gave you anything - except that's not true. Maybe you should see what happens to other "orphins" around the world. If you've made it this far, and are doing this well, it's because someone helped you along the way. It's the same problem I have with Ryan. He was able to go to college from the Social Security payments he received after the death of his father, yet he truly believes himself to be "self made." That simply isn't true - we helped him get to this point. Now that he's "got his," he wants to turn around and slam the door in the face of others, and it seems you follow the same mindset. I "got mine" so forget the rest of you, right? That's not the America I believe in. We're all in this together. I don't have a problem with your success. I have a problem with your lack of humility.
+Jeremy Tregler That is a broad brush you are using, the assistance you are speaking of, I am supposed to trust the fruits of my labor in the hands of someone else.  Pass.  I see what this world is turning into.  I do not trust it in the least.  You may, good for you.  When you say someone helped me on the way.  I say you are right, but not by giving me anything.  On the contrary, it was the having nothing that helped me.  It helped me see the the evil that is worked under the vail of social virtue, that does not exsist, not forcefully anyway.  That virtue is given, not taken.  I hope you take your position because you see the greatness in human compassion, and know it is an ideal that maybe we will be capable of one day in the distant future, and not based on the world you actually live in.  Im sorry, I cant take that risk.  In the mean time, my contribution back to society will be three well behaved, well educated, polite, and hard working sons.  If that is not enough for you then, you will have to look elsewhere to find the virtues you are looking for.  Good luck to you, and God Bless.
+juan aldrete so if a home buyer bought a house they should not have qualified for and cant pay for whose fault is it?  i dont understand,,,,guess im just stupid ...  bottom line it not the governments job to take care of or bailout anyone,,,,sink or swim
+jim savell your attitude is what keeps the division in the parties so great. Maybe if the right didn't set out to destroy any policy that was offered we would be a bit further on the road to recovery. Maybe we can get Bush back if you really want drive the country into the ground. 
+Robert Dunn  That statement is indicative of the left's number one counter to opposition. When all else fails, resort to violence & name calling. I guess the I.Q.'s are really soaring over in that camp?  who who who ha ha ha, Robert want banana? 
[Why get a job when you make more money on government subsidies, and you can watch TV all day.] == PSYCHO TALK
[You are part of the 47% that Romney spoke of. ]

And so are most of the people who work at Staples, Mitten$ big success story.
I don't really think that any of the current candidates would make a really good president.
I think that the best option right now is Paul Ryan, even though he is not perfect, either. But since he has sided with the enemy... I am for Obama because he is the only one that I can legally vote for for president right now. =D
PEOPLE people !   [THINK] about it ! 
Exactly. Mitt Romney will boil this country in the pot he has in his fat-ass wallet!
I liked the part when Joe Biden said to Ryan oh no now you Jack Kennedy!
Finally republical romney/ryan proof to me that republican are behind release video film morking prophet muhammad (saw) to tarnish the image of Obama just for political gain. If they are not behind it why are they always bring the issue of libya? Why are the accusing Obama about it in their canpaign & in debate? Republican are considered as wicked & tyrans by many country all over the world becouse of their hunger for war when ever they are in white hause, their quest for killing innocent people, young & old, men & women in the middle east & all over the world. During the 90s bush senior killed more than 1.5 million innocent soul in irag alone, while bush junior killed morethan 3 million innocent soul in afganistan, iraq, pakistan & morethan 10 thousand people in America from 2001 to 2008, all in the name of war againt terrorism. For America to remain a super power they must vote for OBAMA...
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