Take a look at the top 4 related search terms during the #debate  for Paul Ryan and Joe Biden! 
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Biden won the argument but lost some style points.  Not somebody I would want to represent me internationally with his angry old man rants.
no wonder why Mr. Biden was laughing! what is important for the gop base? how old the kid is and how he looks without a shirt.  I'm laughing too!
lol and Joe's smile is annoying. he was acting so childish during the debate 
Shirtless... lol that's how he's going to get the female vote  jk
Ryan has to change his face to get any vote.
the gop was right! picture the future... the middle east is at the verge of war and here comes the shirtless vp to teach them his routine of the insanity workout.  Somebody wake me up from this nightmare!! 
I'm happy that IT WILL NEVER happen!
+Richard Gil I'm happy your still trolling the Google chat threads repeating yourself and have discovered the caps lock key.   #sarcasm  
+Guille A You demonstrate what is called composure and reserve.  You act like you deserve to be representing the USA and not like you have poor self restraint.
CBS poll says Biden won 50/30
Statistics is often an easy way to manipulate data
+Collin Headlines Last week conservatives were complaining about how humorless Obama was, that he didn't appreciate being president.

Have to say, can't win with some people.
+Cindee Reeder Obama is in his early 50's, not his late 70's. Also, Biden is'nt Palin; come back when you have a better argument.
"When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs and there is no peace and quiet.".  Proverbs 29:9.
When an compulsive liar speaks foolish nonsense, people laugh at him. DeRossett 23.82
I wonder how many people are voting Republican because Paul Ryan does P90X... Probably more than I want to know. >_>
sad... This is what we care about... 
Canidates we're caught in lies and both candidates were telling some truth. I guess some yes it comes up to the independence and the untrue Democrats Republicans
Not gonna lie, i did search Paul Ryan Shirtless during the debate....
Search "completely wrong" and have some fun!
+Miguel Torres that was funny. You should search everybody in this list shirtless :-)
Like in the comments? XD I don't know... =x
I've heard that Biden's teeth are SO white that if they could they would each vote for Romney.. That's what I heard though... Who know's if they would actually :P
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