Wisconsin Recall

On Tuesday, June 6, Wisconsinites will vote in a recall election to decide if Governor Scott Walker (R) should remain in office or if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) should assume the role. The recall efforts were ignited by Walker’s proposal last year that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for many state workers (goo.gl/dx4z6). 

Looking at Google Insights for Search for the last 30 days in Wisconsin, Walker has consistently maintained higher search volume over Barrett (goo.gl/ycAGy). However, Barrett is included in three of the top five rising search terms and with breakout traffic, meaning the term experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%. (goo.gl/ycAGy).  

Top 5 Rising Searches
1. tom barrett (Breakout)
2. walker barrett debate (Breakout)
3. walker barrett poll (Breakout)
4. walker debate (Breakout)
5. walker jobs (Breakout)

What do you think will happen on Tuesday?
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