Wisconsin Recall

On Tuesday, June 6, Wisconsinites will vote in a recall election to decide if Governor Scott Walker (R) should remain in office or if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) should assume the role. The recall efforts were ignited by Walker’s proposal last year that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for many state workers (goo.gl/dx4z6). 

Looking at Google Insights for Search for the last 30 days in Wisconsin, Walker has consistently maintained higher search volume over Barrett (goo.gl/ycAGy). However, Barrett is included in three of the top five rising search terms and with breakout traffic, meaning the term experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%. (goo.gl/ycAGy).  

Top 5 Rising Searches
1. tom barrett (Breakout)
2. walker barrett debate (Breakout)
3. walker barrett poll (Breakout)
4. walker debate (Breakout)
5. walker jobs (Breakout)

What do you think will happen on Tuesday?
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Walker will win by 5 points. Democrats will spin it as no big deal.
I hope Walker will win, but I fear the worst.  There is always a 3-5% voter fraud hurdle any Republican needs to meet.
I was up near Madison and Milwaukee last week.  Huge Walker signs were everywhere.
+Matthew Monson sorry. It just really annoys me when people just make stuff up. Certainly there can be some fraud/mistakes in elections but asserting 3-5% in this country today is disingenuous.
I live in Minocqua, WI. The polling place was FULL of Illinois plates for the last three elections. Our neighbors to the south vote on the basis of their cottages and cabins.@GovWalker did extend the time you MUST LIVE in Wisconsin before you may vote. Chairman Priebus, likely, only worries about voter fraud when the election is close, like the Prosser/Kloppenburg challenge. Labor unions are pissed about an end to their public sector gravy train of $$. I #StandWithWalker  I'll post pics of license plates after the June 5 election.
+William Summi Unions require I.D. for their union votes. People that talk of suppression only want to cheat.@GovWalker is fixing that, too.
+William Summi so what if someone comes in and votes in your name?  How is requiring to show ID suppressing someones vote?  I've had to show my ID since I started voting when I turned 18 back in 1992 and not once thought it was violating my voting.
The only major group that current suffers from disenfranchisement and suppression is the US Military, so if you want to fix that lets join together and make it happen.
So do these people drive? How much is a state ID in WI?  How much do that get from the state in aid? Are they required to have ID to receive aid? This is silly because you have to have an ID to do just about anything these days, so if you want to campaign then have the state supply the IDs, it would be a minimal cost to all involved.
Then how do we know who they are?  Isn't everyone supposed to pay their fair share anyway?  No it's not a infringement to make them get some damn ID.  You didn't answer about your voting slot being taken by someone.
Then what will you do if someone takes your vote?
How about we make every American have a passport and that would solve this whole discussion.  If you are unwilling to be identified as an American you lose the right and privileges that provides. Plus I didn't say driver's license, I said state ID, which is similar but different.  Oh by the way the ID cards for WI that are used for voting are free, so no poll tax.  IDs all around, so what now brown cow?
You haven't answered, how would you know it's illegal, no ID!?  Now answer the question, what would you do?
In Arizona the address on the voter registration must match the ID or other documentation provided by the voter. This voter ID law was changed before the 2008 election. I was a poll worker in Maricopa County. People without qualifying identification were either turned away or allowed to submit a provisional ballot. Those that cast provisional ballots would have to go to the Recorder's Office with proper ID before their vote was included. Many of those without ID that matched their registration address were college students the other group was the homeless. One of the most powerful events in my life working at the polls with a homeless Vietnam vet that did not have qualifying ID to vote. I went through his VA documents, everything trying to find something that would work. Ultimately he cast a provisional ballot fully understanding that he did not have any ID anywhere that could meet the requirement later at the Recorder's office. How do we treat those that have given so much for our country with so little respect?  
Birth certificate is also available $3 if no research and $20 research fee if research required.  This is a pretty hollow argument since how many people don't have an ID or a birth certificate are voting?  Let's get some numbers going and I am sure we can get a non-profit going to pay the $23 for these people.  Instead of fighting for valid polling, you are fighting in favor of fraud doesn't seem like a good leg to stand on.
+William Summi It's a one-time $20 fee to get a birth certificate. Give me one example of a person who can't beg or borrow $20 to get a birth certificate, other than your hypotheticals.

Perhaps you need to read up on poll taxes. They weren't a one-time-in-your-life fee to ensure that you were who you say you are. They were a tax done each time the polls were opened.

This is not a poll tax, as the ID (which everyone should have regardless if they vote or not) is used for a great number of things than just voting, and it's very disingenuous for you to call it one. Just because you keep repeating "it's a poll tax!!!!" doesn't make it one. I feel like Inigo Montoya to Vizzini in Princess Bride: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Speaking of ASSumptive & pompous asshats revvv +Cory Sticha; your statement is the antithesis of the beatitudes you imply you live to promote..
I said no such thing, but if a person needs a birth certificate then lets supply them one.  The required ID is free, so no poll tax there.  I wish every voter got your ire up and you wanted to see them represented, but apparently the military voter is not your concern and you don't mind that they are routinely prevented from exercising they right to vote and their votes are only counted if required.  Every vote should be counted absentee or not.
+Hacim Llih Yes, maybe I am. I'm a sinner like everyone else. You didn't answer my post, just insulted.
Rightly so; your inexcusible statement discouting the status of many poor amongst our otherwise valid citizens was untenable to this caring lad; period. Shockingly so +Cory Sticha. I believe in righteous wrath where called for; such was this case. You should be the very first one in line based on your mythical declarations, to defend the poorest amongst us to the enth degree. Not disdainfully state such horrid bullshit fare as ...Give me one example of a person who can't beg or borrow $20 to get a birth certificate...

Do you worship & practice the principles of your mythical christ or not cowboy!?
I saw a comment earlier about AZ voting and it does sadden me that there are homeless vets, but just this week I received my address verification for my AZ upcoming election.  If you are a registered voter they send you a address validation form months ahead of the election, so that you can get your address correct.  If you can's get your address correct with all this support then you probably shouldn't be voting, but that would be wrong so they still allow you to vote provisionally and allow you to validate after the fact.  Seems like a pretty good system.  Yes there are exceptions like the homeless vet, but these situations are fairly rare and notice he was able to vote and the people did everything they could to allow him to vote.  Every citizen has the right to vote, but we must protect the system from the non-citizen or not allowed.  Back when it would take days to leave your voting area it was perfectly okay to allow people to vote without ID because it meant one person one vote, but now in a couple of hours you can be in many states voting many times, so why not establish a check on that.
+Hacim Llih Step 2 of avoiding an argument: claim the argument isn't worth answering. Still not addressing, just attacking. Step 3 is to declare victory in the argument without actually entering into the argument.

Being a Christian doesn't mean "being nice", which usually means "agree with me and don't argue against me".
For the sake of wisconsins solvency I hope Walker wins. 
Walker represents big business and not the average worker. Wisconsin's big business tried to bust unions. People finally woke up and realized they voted against their own rights to earn a decent living when they elected Walker!
Jack H
It all depends on how many boxes of ballots (that are 95% for Barrett) democrats find in the trunks of their cars tomorrow.
That date is wrong, it should be the 5th, that is today.
470th voter today, for @ScottKWalker, no IL. plates. +William Summi you libs want anonymity so you can cheat. Show your I.D., unless you have something to hide. #StandWithWalker  
there should have been a president recall when obama came along.
I'm not a member of a union but I believe companies should pay fair living wages and stop exporting jobs to India, China and the Philippines in the name of higher profits. Now that he has not been recalled you Wisconsin folks will get to have "competition" and the "market forces" determine your fair wages, health care and retirement. Companies like WalMart pay the lowest wages without benefits to employees while putting small mom and pop business out. That seems to be the new GOP theme "Let them eat cake." So when a majority of Babyboomers retire over the next ten years or get fired due to their inability to perform their jobs in a high tech society, do you think the GOP brain washed young Millennium generation will have a kind heart for their old folk parents? More likely, they will repeat the mantra that other civilized countries who care for their elderly, poor and sick do not, that somehow the "private sector" will provide for them. Or maybe we will go to a Soilent Green system and send the poor, sick and elderly to become food for us all!
We are a Republic in theory and the Dems won fair and square in 2008 due to failed GOP policies. To suggest a "recall" without a basis amounts to throwing out our system of government. The GOP went after Clinton during his two terms for private sex acts and lying about it, but remained silent when Bush promoted the Iraq invasion after 911. The office of the President should be respected and supported regardless of the party elected, otherwise nothing gets done and we remain a dead locked society with a do nothing Congress.
+michael hemming That isn't true about remaining silent about the iraq war, most of the dems voted for it.

Several secret service members have been fired for buying a hooker so shouldn't clinton be held to the same standard and for the same reasons.

If someone sitting in the white house wants respect then I expect and demand that they give it first.  They work for me not I for them!  I demand that they obey the Constitution as it is written not as they want it.  despot obama has violated that in the worse ways but he is not the first!  obama-care is an enslavement of me and he has no right even though he thinks he is god!
+michael hemming in your first comment all of the stuff you want are communist do you know that?  Expecting a company to pay you the wage you think you should get but not be worth.  You didn't put any blame on the government.  How about all the crap the government of all levels do.  The permits, fees, licences, environmental regulations and regulations in general.  I'm not saying we don't need any but we have gone way past the amount of regulations needed to make things free and somewhat safe.

The only ones who call for eating people are liberals, no Conservative do, that is sick!

I wonder do you understand what personal responsibility is?  For you to have any freedom you have to have that otherwise you don't have any freedom since someone else has that for you.
+michael hemming do you ever stop and smell what you shovel? O had both houses for 2 years. Obamacare will not get the mandate. Debt,unemployment, GDP=poor, gas $? Stop with the excuses. Stop saying Bush. O killed Osama. Just stop!   In 2012 +Mitt Romney for president.
Right +Adam Heywood communists give according to ability and receive according to need. Doesn't work. Removes incentive.
A social contract with our elderly, sick, and poor is not socialism or communism as demagogues proclaim. By providing for those less fortunate we prosper as a nation with a conscience. This should be no different than providing police, fire, sewage and other government services. The Bush Administration and GOP Congress had 6 years of blank check writing with no bid contracts, gigantic military spending budgets, the giveaway to oil and gas industries in tax breaks and subsidies as their profits skyrocketed. The GOP has no problem giving a giant profitable corporation subsidies which amount to corporate welfare. Why should the social contract with our weakest people in society be tossed while those least in need, the 1%, and corporations receiving unneeded subsidies remain? Obama inherited two wars, a bankrupt financial system ready to collapse, and exponential healthcare costs. I think he has done a pretty exceptional job.
A "social contract" is exactly that communist.

But I agree the subsidies have to stop!  Not just with one, two or a few but all of them and no new ones.  No matter how much someone suffers, it is wrong to make someone else suffer in their place.  Maybe if the Constitution was obeyed we wouldn't have so many problems.  That though would require people to responsible for themselves and if they don't then they suffer.  Their suffer at that point would only have themselves to blame.

The "it's bush's fault" is childish, despot obama wanted the job.  The economy wasn't that bad until everyone knew mccain was going to lose because he showed he was a complete pussy.  I remember in October 2008 when the economy took a nose dive.  It had nothing to do with bush.

This is also why I don't like the parties, the political power they wield is un-Constitutional and they need to be destroyed.  I tell everyone I can that 'we are not in a two party system'.

I hope one day to be rich, I'm trying to get there.  It's not the rich people in my way but the government.  Although there are some rich that are the problem like buffet who is calling for the government to block me to getting rich.  But buffet is a liberal, al-gore is a lib, etc.

Everyone is equal under the law according to the Constitution, there is  no class in there.  There is no "social contract" written there also.  It is the responsibility of the family to take care of them.  Social security is illegal and a failure but that is what it was designed to do.

Everything the liberals do can be found in the communist manifesto.  Along with the quote from many democrats and other liberals, "you never want to let a good crisis go to waste"...even if you have to cause it.  The second part after the three dots they never say publicly but I figured it out.  They cause a something and sometime in the future it will be a huge problem and they will swoop in as a savor and blame everyone but themselves.

There are many problems but it all comes from not obeying the law and treason!
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