One Nation, Many Issues

During presidential election years the media narrative tends to focus on a handful of key swing states. 

Here on the +Google Politics & Elections team, we wanted to take a step back and examine the nation as a whole. 

We took seven hot-button political issues and mapped how their +Google search interest varied by state. 

Take a look! 
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America sh'd focus on issue by issue instead of finishing the presidential terms when most of them are undone
It seems odd that so many things are missing.. Just feels a bit shallow I guess.
Jacob ur right about that
That's because the mainstream media is made up of intellectually lazy, constitutionally illiterate elitist snots.  
These are not issues--and many of these things are already addressed by the Constitution...

Gun Control: 2nd Amendment is clear when it says that this RIGHT shall not be infringed. It isn't "gun control" that's the problem, it's the violation of the 2nd Amendment with not allowing people (violent or otherwise...and felons) to purchase a gun. If you're afraid of people with guns, then BUY one--it's your RIGHT

Abortion: This is a personal matter that the US Govt should not be involved with. The only purpose of the Federal Govt is to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS... Not hard...

Social Security: Maybe an issue...easily solved by not limiting SS contributions to the top earners... Nothing more...

Gay Marriage: Again, this is a personal matter that the US Govt should not be involved in. This wouldn't even be as much of an issue if it wasn't for the Defense of Marriage Act nonsense... This whole issue automatically causes you to see Gays as somehow NOT the same as you. THEY ARE...they just really, really like their own gender--why do you care?!

National Debt: The Constitution addresses this by NOT taxing wages and taxing only investments (capital gains)... If capital gains were taxed more vigorously, the wars wouldn't be as profitable, and our debt wouldn't be what it is. No matter what you think, war costs a ton of is the reason why the National Debt is so high... Well, War and the Central Banking System... Yeah, get rid of the CBS...problem solved. If the US govt had to come to the people to fight wars and start frivolous programs, we would see a lot less nonsense. The Central Banking System allows the government to spend as they please and then make you pay for it. 

Tax Cuts: Again, the Constitution says that we should not be taxed on wages...only capital gains...

Legalization of Marijuana: Shouldn't have been made illegal in the first place. In case you didn't know, marijuana is illegal because of racism. Many things that we are dealing with in the US is because of old racism. Now, people parrot what they've been taught, not realizing that they're just repeating statements that were originally racist in nature. The Federal Govt should not be involved in the matter...they should actually be protecting your RIGHT to do as you please with your life without hurting another... 

...this is why I don't watch mainstream media...
I only read the first point but yes Second Amendment is still an issue. Cook County is now trying to pass a "Violence Tax" New York Is trying to pass more laws to ban firearms, and even Florida is trying ot back door gun control. 
This isn't about issues, it's about conflicting leadership styles in the central government.  In other words, if we had good leaders in charge who had good faith relationships with the people they represent, most of the issues would go away.
‎"Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." - William Buckley Jr.
+Jacob Kloutier +Aaron L. Green  Gun control and the Second Amendment isn't quite as simple as one would like it to be.   The world has changed a lot since the 1780s.   Guns were (for many people) necessary tools back then.   Now, they are (for most people) hobbies.    Back then, 90%+ of people lived on farms: you could shoot a gun at random and not worry too much about hitting your neighbor.   Now, 3% of us live in farms: the rest of us will blow a hole in someone's window if we were to shoot randomly.    Guns have changed, too.  A semi-automatic rifle is a heck of a lot more violent and damaging than a flint-lock musket.  Militias have changed; a standing army exists.   Police forces came into existence in the mid 1800s.

All those changes shouldn't make the Second Amendment go away, but they are big enough so that anyone who thinks gun ownership should automatically be just like it was in the 1780s needs to explain why none of those changes makes any difference.
just another graph ,, dont mean jack,,, most americans want the  same thing,,,, to be left alone to raise their families the best they can,with a level playing field for all,,thats what made the usa the dream for people from the world over
+Aaron L. Green I think you're (somewhat) wrong about the Constitution and capital gains.   Reading Wikipedia suggests that they were thinking on taxes on capital (not capital gains) and/or flat per-head "poll" taxes:

"Before 1895, direct taxes were understood to be limited to "capitation or poll taxes" (Hylton v. United States)[35] and "taxes on lands and buildings, and general assessments, whether on the whole property of individuals or on their whole real or personal estate" (Springer v. United States).[36]"
It's all a fucking scam to keep you distracted from the truth. A mother fucking circus.
I am not one, but two days late. First, +Roy Batty Why do you say that "All of you are phuk-ing-idiots"? This was one of the most calm, thoughtful threads I've followed about policy, politics and the election. No one mentioned political parties  nor devolved into terse accusations based on partisan focal points: Big Bird, 47%, 1%, 99%, voter ID, conspiracy, post-debate so-called pundit reviews etc. No idiots, none. Although +Travis Rowland ended that rather decisively. One can tell where things are going once you read those sentiments. But since I'm here, a few questions +Jacob Kloutier: Why does your profile say that we don't need the Second Amendment? Yes, we do! Also, the graph is simple, but it isn't trying to express anything sophisticated, just search frequency, without implying the meaning, if there is one. That was okay with me, as often, the verbiage that accompanies charts... well, it doesn't contribute much. +aubrey ferguson I'm a statistician and I like charts and graphs, though I am annoyed with the excess of meaningless ones. I squirm a bit at "just another graph... don't mean jack", even if you are right ;o) but the rest of what you said, yes, and yes, and yes, I think that is so true. +Herb. Jones Agreed. Final thought (thank you for putting up with me, all of you), this for +Dylan Sizer What a cute little orange avatar you have! He looks sad though. I smiled a little when I read what you said about Connecticut. (It has been a traditional hot bed of political activity, for 300 years!)
So why did we not see any of the other candidates listed on the 2012 election ballot such as +Gary Johnson .... I think it would have been much more exciting vs. listing to pre scripted answers for the public. Our election process needs to be shaken up a little, you should not have to be rich to be president, you just need to have the skills to run the country. 
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