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Great video on the latest growth vectors from Google to help you increase your audience and improve engagement. Lots of good tips in there!

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Great talk, Seth! See you at Apps world tomorrow.
Dear Google team,   I'm a hardcore Google user and have been trying for months to get someone to help me out.  I've been begging!!    I would like someone at the headquarters location to volunteer and give me a tour please?   For monday May 19th?   please and thanks.   contact me on hangout.  
Many people find Google+ too complicated to use! So please make the summary of all G+ services (on the left) fixed so that everything can be seen at the first look like on Facebook? Besides, it is impossible to know which contact published or wrote anything on his page! So, why not add a counter for each contact... again like on Facebook?! 
Geetings Oliver Mauron,
I'm Barnabe Barnabe Deinkes the owner of the site Global Album * google+
I am having rea problem gettings done the right way and the tabs ar flying evrywhere on the website, so far many peope are ierested o my website above all, i have people who are asking for an I'm ot able to pomote the site.
Please help.
This is one the main site which incomplete. [ ] and it's aleady hosted.
Lookng forward for your HELP..
I do not like the new interface of Google Plus, nor the fact that they have taken interesting features:
1. Larger size photos and with possibility of extending
2. Comments visible, with translation into other languages
3. Easy access to publications, pages and photos of people I'm following
4. A photo editor that Google + is fantastic (not that of Google Photos) .With the new Google disappears completely. A serious failure.
5. Try all we use "Collections"
6. Etc., etc ...
We do not do this, please. Many of us who are asking for, and if it is to improve performance in mobile, change its interface and not the PC!
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