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Good explanation of how to use GoogleApiClient as the new model for interacting with Google+ APIs on Android.
Today's episode of #DevBytes is from +Katherine Kuan. She explains how to connect to Google Play Services so that you can access great APIs for games, authentication, app state, location, G+, wallet, and much more. This video will show you how to use GoogleApiClient as the new model for interacting with these services ( To learn more about what Google Play Services can do for you, check out

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DevBytes: Connecting to Google Play services with GoogleApiClient

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Uje voudrais les commentaire en francais 
Is there any way to display All Friends Activities i.e updates/post that we see in google+ home screen in my app? I am not getting any API for that?
Przyjemnej i pomysłowych prac zbiorczych,pozdrawiam powodzenia???
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