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Welcome to the Google+ Developers page. This page will be the place to stay connected to all the latest Google+ platform news, events, community, and more. Add us to your circles to get info and updates directly from the Google+ Platform team, join the conversation by commenting on posts, and join our hangouts.
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Right - here's my question, the G+ API is read only, I would like to be able to update my G+ brand page by email until such time as the API becomes writeable. Many thanks :)
Finally! I don't need anymore to follow 300 Google Engineers to stay updated with Google+ news! ;-)
On the page, there is a mistake I think...

"Our weekly office hours hangouts take place every Wednesday at 11:30am - 12:15pm PDT, and can be accessed from our Google+ Developers page. "

PDT??? shouldn't that be PST?

What I was also wondering, why not have a "add2calendar" button with automatic time zone convertion??
It's a bit late, but:
1. Welcome!
2. Cool animation!
3. Looking forward for more updates!
Cool...excited to be on the jet plane that takes Google to the next level!
Now if Google will make their Google+ iOS app a Universal app so I can run it on my iPad. The mobile web version leaves a lot to be desired.
Any chance of like G+ Events that you can create, sync to the Google Calendar?
Love what is going on here so far! Keep it going
Already have the iOS devices. However, after I got my daughter and Android phone I was very impressed. Next phone might be Android. Of course, I'm tied to my current phone via contract lock in right now.
Excellent....can't wait to see some actual content posts!
Is it already possible to create a new G+ post via API or can we still just access the content of an account and the belonging contacts?
We're looking forward to seeing updates:) Firstly making an Google+ event with support of Google Calendar and after create an Google Alert on Google+ Sparks
Excellent! I'm looking forward to the first hangouts.
wow can u gifs on ur page .... i am talking about the 5 pics at the top
Great to see a Google developers page on here. You guys are my heroes!
Hopefully a signal that write API is on its way - that will be one hell of an addition :)
Where do your Google Chat notes end up during a Hangout? It would be great if they auto save to Google Docs.
Looking forward to being able to post using G+ API!
what are the features you are working on here?
I too am eagerly waiting for a write API, but I fear it's not going to happen any time soon. As soon as they open that can of worms, there will be far less 'authenticity' in the content, as we'll surely see heaps and blobs of spam infiltrating the streams. Though naturally, we can easily block and ignore that sort of activity.

We'll see loads of crossposting to and from Twitter and Facebook and blogs. While this can also be a good thing, it can fracture the community and conversation a bit. eg: I hate seeing Tweets on Facebook. The person isn't "there". Where do you reply? All of them? It bugs me. ;)

Having said that though, we'll end up with a great choice of Android, iOS, etc. applications to use which will most likely be far better than the options we have today.

Bring it ON!
+Kosso K crossposting isn't a bad thing, most users are just looking for one place to service all their social media accounts, companies in general have a presence on each of the 'current' media networks, why not give them a chance to post things from one application. It's up to Google to have a mechanism in place to weed out spammers, though our site already keeps track of that for Twitter, not that hard to expand it to G+ spammers as well
I really hope G+ gets a "Yahoo! Answers" killer. The G+ community is awesome, but it's often very hard to ask the right person the right question, and a feature that makes that easier will be a true killer feature that alone would be a reason to join G+.
+M. Niazy I think Yahoo Answers are already there. StackExchange and Quora
+Jaap Haitsma I think having something like it integrated with a massive social network like G+ is a different matter though. It's not just a way to get answers, but also a way to connect with a whole lot of people and have interesting conversations. I think it would be an extremely attractive feature.
I would like to schedule a Hangout for a specific time using Google Calendar.
It seems utterly ridiculous to me that only Youtube videos can be played inline. What about people who love Vimeo, College Humor, Funny Or Die, and Break?
It would be great if you guys create a Comment Plugin, like the one Facebook has, to insert it into posts and carts! That would be great for most of us that want to start growing our Goolge+ community!
i'm newbie, wanna become a google developer though...
Any chance we will be able to update our G+ pages from the mobile app any time soon? :) Love the updates so far!
Come, come... where is the fucking code...? :)
Do you have any ETA on the write API? Unfortunately the API is not very useful without the ability to write. No one wants to look at a static list of their feed without the ability to post items.
Count me in too on wanting a generally accessible write API. I'd be OK with it being limited to pages and not a person's profile. My main reason for wanting one is to be able to schedule posts so I can send them during a time of the day that is more conducive for my followers, when I find a link late at night that I don't want to post yet e.g..
+1 for a fully-functional G+ API just like most people above requested. Even an ETA would be helpful.
Wow there must be a worldwide sand shortage after all that.
yeah,i think that is very good.
Is there any Google+ Client?
OH OH OH...This points out the obvious...G+ left out a blogging feature! Why? (Content, media, photos, friends, shopping all in one place...the end of the internet)
Be great to see Google+ Developers become a Verified Company on
def UseGPlusForDevTalk:
if g+ APIs will be discussed on g+:
making it possible
to discuss code
by allowing whitespace
in comments would be good
It's not going to be fun
trying to use G+
to talk about APIs
I wrongly assumed that all the Google+ updates would come from here, I assumed wrong with the none posting of the new spam/block update.
Hi there +Google+ Developers, +Jenny Murphy I hope it's ok to post this question here. When we create a personal profile can we put a business name in the space under our name in the 'A brief description of you' space? I'm aware that businesses use Google+ business account but I've seen personal accounts have business names for their description so wanted to do it if it's ok.
Mar Cel
Hey Google+. Love the site but just one SMALL minor complaint. Any time I try to share someones post, my stream makes me chase that shared post, and its really annoying. Can you make it so if you're sharing a post, it locks that screen until you post it, then the stream can continue?
Welcome to the Google+ Developers page. This page will be the place to stay connected to all the latest Google+ platform news,events, community,and more.add us to your circles to nat welcom

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