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Did you do your #marchmadness  bracket? There's still a few minutes left to sign in with Google and quickly get yours in before the first game starts. Make sure to share it with everyone on Google+ too!
Join the official bracket game of NCAA® March Madness®. Brackets lock on Thursday, March 20th at 12pm ET! May the best bracket win!
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Hello google my name is Mark and I was wondering now I know you discontinued the Meebo bar and all but do you know of an Alternative that I could use for my website I miss the meebo bar and all of its features I wish you people at google could make one that works with all social networking I hope you can reply soon what I would like to see is something that works with google+ and facebook and or have a set up so people registered for my website can talk to eachother
This woman has stolen my account ... Please Google help
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لطفا چطور میتونم به فارسی ترجمش کنم....؟؟؟....من که هیچی متوجه نمیشم.....
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