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We're holding office hours live with Hangouts On Air this Wednesday, June 13th, from 11:45 am until 12:30 pm PDT (see in your time zone: Once the hangout begins you will be able to see the live stream on here on +Google+ Developers.

This week's session is an open Q&A. It's your chance to ask questions about anything and everything related to building software with the Google+ APIs. We'll be joined by several developers from the community.

If you have questions about the Google+ platform comment on the original announcement post:

Some questions are better asked face to face. If you'd like to join the hangout, mention that in your comment too.
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I would Like to know if there can be a way to stop others from right clicking the mouse to save (steal) Art. If this ever happens would make my life and so many other Artists happy. Thanks
+Carolynn Terris Even on websites that completely disable right-click, it's fairly trivial to view the html source of a website and see the link that contains a picture on a site.

Personally I think that trying to lock down content is against the very nature of the web. The people that are honest and are willing to pay you for your hard work will find a way. On the flip side, the people that plan to steal and will never pay you, will also find a way. The only true way to lock down an image would be to never connect it to an online service of website. That's just my opinion though, take it for what it's worth.

Another approach is something like +Trey Ratcliff is doing. he actually posts his pictures on google plus for the world to see. Yes, you can actually right-click and save any picture he posts, but somehow he's still able to make a living being a professional photographer. Maybe you should try to contact him to find out ways to share your work for the world to enjoy, yet still get paid and be able to put food on the table.
I Think this is great to have interactions with the developer and its users. Thanks Google+ developers 
I'd love to join and discuss the Hangout API and OnAir additions.
John do not agree before there was not option and no develpment to do so. If it is possible it will be used by myself and may others.So much has progressed already.It is not the sharing of photos of Art as much as it is the taking it down to the computer and re uploading as yours. This type of lock down feature would even benefit profile photos if we want to do this.
The youtube Hangout app has a push-to-talk button. Any chance of putting in a  Push-to-talk options/keyboard shortcut for normal Hangouts?
Do you have any suggestions on how to "port" my Android App to run in Hangouts?

Thanks for the direction on creating a DOM model with HTML5.
Being able to "star" or mark some how a post to later quickly refer to again would really help.
Thanks to everyone who watched and participated :)  I'll posted the show notes and links to everything we mentioned tomorrow.
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