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Hamed K
People around me don't like to use hangouts cause it take two more taps to switch it to headset mode! Can't this app be smart enough to understand our preferences?
After updating hangout in my nexus5 , i can nota see anymore who is online in the hangout . why ?
Bring back the use of  *bold*, Italics, and strikes on Google Hangout.......
Could someone help me please? The button for follow hasn't worked for months! I've gone all through the settings multiple times and haven't found anything.

Please help +Google+ Developers !
Nope. The handwriting you use to comment and post is clearly a woman's handwriting. As you can see from mine the handwriting is more bold and strong.
You don't see it with your eyes, you need to perceive with your mind. 
Lol you need to know when you're being trolled, bro. I watched two of your videos during this back and forth.
+Andrew Dieppa
I'm accustom to trolls being more obvious. For example going on a Zelda or Animal Crossing video and saying: "(insert game) is sooo horrible! CoD games are the only good games ever made!"
That's dumb trolling, I like to go a more sophisticated kind of trolling. I take pride in it. Going for direct insult is crass and completely lowbrow. 
+Andrew Dieppa
Well congrats because I was taken in. What did you think of the channel? Be honest.
There are a number YouTube channels that do the whole "Let's Play" thing, they're usually not my bag. Your commentary is fine and obviously in your own voice, so there's a sense of earnest when you play games like Zelda while pointing out design and game flow. 

There definitely solid videos, but that's my opinion and don't let me discourage you. Keep on playing, keep on making your videos, and keep on keeping on.

Just don't let the dragon drag on.
+Andrew Dieppa
Thanks. It's good to hear an opinion of someone who isn't in to LPs. It means that they won't be comparing me to other LPers and will just be looking at me as I am. I'm glad to hear that I'm someone who seems real to others.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the critique: is there anything that I should work on? Other than not letting the Lanayru quest drag on? (It's all done by episode 57)
You'll ignore me? It's okay, you and my father can go bowling and talk about how I'm a disappointment. 
+Andrew Dieppa lol
That's sad. I'd follow you if I could, but Google+ doesn't let me have friends.
It's a page versus a G+ profile, right? I believe that's the reason.
+Andrew Dieppa
I can't do it with my profile either. Also I used to be able to do it back in February.
E difícil confiar tem sido muito complicado
Бла бла бла, ничего не понятно, неужели нельзя текст переводить на тот язык на каком читаешь ? Или трудности смыслового перевода существуют ?))) 
+PalPlays , все верно, знание значения слова, многое ещё играет и наречие. ))) Мир вашему дому ! )))
+Руслан Атнабаев And to yours as well! May your path not waver from the straight and narrow and may you be a light to whomever is lost in darkness.
+PalPlays , ну вы и сказали ))) ! Какой свет, какие знания ?))) О, в русском языке есть хорошая пословится, звучит так : "откуда в жопе алмазы" ))) 
+PalPlays , при переводе предложения теряется сущность , не всегда информация переводится корректно. )))
+Руслан Атнабаев For example: The first sentence you said translated very poorly, but the second translated perfectly.

Though it is still amazing that we are able to speak to each other at all!
+PalPlays , доброго вам утра , google переводчик в состоянии переводить наш разговор, но смысл или точнее будет сказать суть предложения мы сами осмысливаем, в этом нам помогает отсутствие агрессивного образа мышления, ))) возможно год назад я даже не стал бы заморачиваться, но вот сижу и думаю как людям помощь найти общии точки соприкосновения. Я не программист, поэтому не могу эксперементировать ))) . Удачи ! )))
+Руслан Атнабаев I agree, the fact that the translator does not work perfectly forces us in the Google community to act with more patience. Everyone could use a little of that.
+PalPlays , возможно когда нибудь и придумают идельный переводчик, в основу заложив новый завет или библию, терпение и взаимное уважение вот путь к взаимовыгодному сотруднечеству ))) хорошего дня Вам и успехов ))) С уважением , Руслан ! )))
I love google+, but there is only one thing i dislike about it.. that anyone can add you to their circle without your permission. their should be a way if you want to set that has a setting. i myself dont want just anyone adding me to their circle. please google, make a setting. thank you.
Please update Hangouts as to remove the "Subject" section. It's a pain in the butt to continually see "Subject-No Subject" before every multi text... Also, add something to allow us to adjust our layout to our liking. Thanks.
its excellently addictive! I don't receive comments do I have an issue on my page?
Ich denke das auf WELT so schlecht geht weil korruption und Geld haben einfach machte über arme Leute! Überall herrschen Kriege mit hunger kranken Leute und Kinder sterben! Macht des Geldes ist zu gross und Politik ist trotzig sie liebt Krige
Niederschmetternd ist die Erkenntnis das wir uns selbst die grössten Feinde sind und uns in sinnloser Weise zerstören obwohl die Natur das Ziel hat uns alle lin harmonischer Gemeinschaft zusammenleben zu lassen. Allerdings sind unser Streben nach Macht und unser Hang zum Verbrechertum starker als unser Bewusstsein und die ersehnte soziale Humanität!
Vergrossere deinen Penis nicht - ein kleiner tut s auch so gut! 😎😆😄😃
Strenge Strafen fur DROGEN Dealer. Hustenbonbons statt DROGEN!
Any app or website? It does works on desktop browsers (I take advantage of this button to create chat invites using e-mails), but  it starts an empty (null) chats whenever you launch it from, for example, Android's Chrome.
I want to get a custom URL
Desired URL:
Current URL:
Suggested Url by G+: a few extra letters)

But G+ says : "Many people have the same name. Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for you." 

I already add my own website to my profile.
And also add my email address which i got from my domain...and also make it verified. 
I also search in G+ by typing my desired url. Still now it is vacant. So my heartly request... please help me to get my desired custom url in Google Plus. 
Kuwer. dinesh singh.oll friends. lovely good night
La fin de l’Authorhip n’annonce pas non plus la mort de Google+. L’utilisation du réseau social représente toujours une source de visibilité supplémentaire. En effet, connecté  à un profil Google+, les posts des profils et pages Google+ que l’on suit ont une excellente visibilité dans les résultats de recherche, avec l’affichage d’une photo de l’auteur ou du logo de l’entreprise. A noter également que la balise la balise Publisher permettant d’associer les contenus d’un site à une page Google+ entreprise est encore d’actualité. De même, l’ensemble des Rich Snippets (extraits enrichis) peuvent encore apparaître pour enrichir les résultats de recherche. - See more at:
You know what make it  even better have an automatic reply when you are unavailable!
i dont understand this can someone pls put me through please
Hope this not a dating site cause i dont like to put my self on a dating

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 11:28 PM, Google+ (Nene Calimbo Calimbo) <
****@**> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 2:23 AM, Google+ (Alberto Videla) <
****@**> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 12:28 PM, Google+ (Nilesh Johari) <
****@**> wrote:
I am going to develop web application using google hangout api. I have gone through google hangout information on google developer console site. They give details google hangout api information, but i want to get step by step documentation and sample code of google hangout api. I want to integrate google hantou api in c#, so please help me as soon as possible.
Possible to Add a nick to your g+ account would be nice. It would be easier recognise othet Ingress players. 
Can I customize google hangout api in web application using c#. If yes then how? Can you please send me sample code of integration of google+ hangout in c#.
There's a problem with my page every time I try and add someone back it says problem with modifying circles can you help me please 
No it comes up with error modifying circle and has only been 1 person that I'm trying to add back 
It's just on my side of the circle it says that but that person is still connected 
Shame you cant direct open hangouts on somebodys google+ comunnitie (page) now i have to go back to hangouts insert his or her name .but then i cant see anymore what i wanne ask then i must go back to find that page again for google+ make it one piece hangout in google+
I have a problem with sharing I keeps coming up with unexpected error 
J'ai une questions je suis débutant c'est qui hangout merci
How To Google Local Listing Verify Instant
windows mobile in IE browser I am using gapi.auth.signIn 
i am able to call google api no error all browsers it is working too but in this specific condition blank pop up is coming and its not even closing itself and nor it is logging me automatically please help
Make having Hangouts a God given privilege. Show us that you guys really read our responses. By Monday we'd all like an update containing: major bug fixes, performance stability, themes, sent delivered and read message notifications, cooler looking icon and video calling anyone even our enemies with #teamapple without an invite it just goes directly to a video call. Show us you guys care please. Thank you. I wanna be an Android member. Make us special. Go all out you guys can do it.
Please add the email alert in Hangouts for Windows as well as it was in Google Talk... And hangouts should be a desktop app not an extension in Chrome....

Загрузил на свою страницу в G+ фотографии, историческую ценность представляют, а что происходит с Apps? Зачем память и историю искажать? Жизнь бумеранг!)))
Ha doly..Google work now, dare not press browser that any possibility to get ideal on hangout only one person? Knocking down by only words....all words abused...our! Sorry
Download? Where's my Google play time open Google account ....God start against a to z? I was sign in as l...and why b...that's why hundreds username password. I knew my limit ...
I see no body! But if I want to learn to speak Indian language, starting kid! Is there any for hangout listening recording tape alone. I can't stop other to comnent! Invisible killer...that's fact are became my bigger problem which he is helping? joke. Anthony farriot is not real Google? As I saw the YouTube logo not same as now YouTube a red arrow! YouTube boss
میخواهم سفری به حومه تل اویو برم 
Hello, guys! 2 questions!
1. Can't I change mobile phone number in "settings", in Turkey? I didn't find the country.
2. Can we do, somehow, -- blockin' these annoyin' bots, which are addin' you? Or if I restrict "addin' in the circles" no one will be able to add?
I long ago hit the limit for circling new users, and it's slowing my usage of Google+. If I can't circle any more people, I think it's going to be a real deal killer as far as G+ growth is concerned. Thanks. 
I want to do something great can you guys check out my page and see how fast you get my views up just as an experiment
google+, i would really like for you to place a '-' button next to the '+' button, in order to signal disapproval. this is the second time i have made this comment, but can understand if it was not seen.
congratulations on the fact that if a caption is read by several, my computer begins to show more of it by default (unsure assumption)
i would like it if when you minimize posts due to excessive length, and place a read more link underneath, that you allow for a round number (5, 10, 15, 20) of lines of original text to appear. 
Oh Google + why aren't you updating anything about Indian independence 
Thank you ! I want to concentrate of Google+Developers/post and #Hangout! I am bless .
i would appreciate if i was notified of whenever i was removed from another person's circles, and who that person was, +Google+ Developers.
google+, you do such a good job, and i do urge you to struggle for unification with facebook, as i prefer an organized minimum of entities, however there are several companies that only allow for contact via facebook. i have already made a post involving this issue on faceboook, though i am unsure of their revision of it. i do urge the whole of us to move beyond capital and realize its ultimate silliness, in my efforts to achieve that eternal paradise which i have learnt to be all of our craving. +Google+ Developers 
google+, i recommend that if there is a comment that has not been +1'd, the button show only a + sign. that way we can truly be aware if it has been +1'd.
GOOGLE GUY'S each time i click to REPORT AND ISSUE - it crashes CHROME again .. you guys fixed it before - but its happening again . - CAN U GUYS TELL ME FOR ME - I NEED U ALL TO FIX IT AGAIN ?? Thank you by the way ..U GUY'S RULE ..
hi I have a new web browser that I think would be great if you guys produced it
Das neue Design von google+ ist ja nicht schlecht, doch... nun ja, DOCH.
Es ist auf jeden Fall schlecht durchdacht. Es fehlt zB die Möglichkeit, eigene Beiträge zu bearbeiten. Und wo ist die Hovercard hin ?

Wollen wir das ganze nicht noch einmal zurücknehmen und erst mal all die Dinge beheben, die die Community jetzt schon stören ?
you guys are doing a great job, i love the new look, along with several facts of operation. peace
how can I find out my meebo friends from g+
Надо, обязательно надо, добавить массовую закачку фото, когда делишься новостью. Очень, очень не удобно добавлять по одной.

Ещё, нужно добавить возможность добавлять фото в Комментариях.

hey google+, i am coming here to recommend that you make contact with friends more simple, facebook's approach i do approve of. i am unsure of all of my contact options on google+, but i imagine that facebook's placement of your contacts on the right hand side of the screen and positioning of text within a separate window (not actually a window but a segment of the screen) would appear here nicely. we're all working together, to deliver optimal social networking. peace
i'm unaware of the difficulty that may be involved, but i'd recommend adding a chat window possibility as there is on facebook. such makes conversation easier.
Hola mui buenas tardes que tenga un feliz lunes 
Por fin cayo el primero ahora es que vamos para ver si el gas pela o no 
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