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Mobile developers can now deep link to content in their app from Google+. 

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Posts can now deep link to content inside your mobile app

Hello Android and iOS developers! Now when a user shares a favorite song or story from your app to Google+, their stream post can include a deep link to that piece of content. Clicking the link either:

- Opens your app, and goes directly to the story (for instance), or
- Redirects to Google Play or the App Store to encourage download

Check out our developer docs to learn more about the Google+ mobile SDKs, and today's launch of deep links on Android and iOS. ( You can also download Pulse News from Google Play to see deep links in action (, or read more about it on our blog (!

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Right...what if the reader doesn't have "Pulse" app?
+Arvind Gautam I assume that's where the _"or
- Redirects to Google Play or the App Store to encourage download"_ part of the description comes in.
good news, thanks for your work

can be seen at some time the animated gif and photosphere images in Google+ app?
humm.. maybe we'll need some filters to block posts from apps. Something like (if post has link to app then I don't even want to see it). Would that be possible?
When can I download Google + on my Windows phone?
how to use constant # tag for all the post we do automatically. Say if i make any change in setting then in that i add a #tag  the same should be used always till i change again.Is there any possibility for this 
Of all the functionality for the G+ platform (specifically on iOS), which is considered ok to use for production? I see the whole api is marked as "in  Developer Preview", but only the "write moments" part is specifically marked as being a preview feature. Can I use signin and sharing in my iOS app right now?

(I hate the thought of only having the Facebook option in my app, I want to feature G+ as being a better alternative.)
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