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Making it easier to share to Google+ from your mobile site

As a mobile developer, you can incorporate the Google+ sharebox in one of three ways: our iOS and Android SDKs, and the mobile web. We recently improved the sharebox for native Android and iOS apps (, and today we’re bringing these same improvements to the mobile web. So now, the mobile web sharebox:

- Lets users share to their Gmail contacts, or anyone with a Google+ profile
- Suggests frequent and/or recent contacts

Together, these improvements make it easier for users to share your content with just the right people.  If you’re already using the mobile web sharebox on your site, you’ll get the update automatically.

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What would be nice if the mobile website didn't redirect off and kept the same URLs (you know to share links to G+ outside of G+)
Please fix the recent battery drain on G+ for Android, N5.  It's recently been the cause for 28% of my battery drain overnight.  I didn't install it just to keep it Greenified.
Could someone help me please? The button for follow hasn't worked for months! I've gone all through the settings multiple times and haven't found anything.
نعم  جوجل الافضل يمنحنى معرفه المزيد عن طريق الترجمه شكرا جوجل
Hey, you should put a not interested button on communities so I can stop seeing my little pony crap on my feed!
+Google+ Developers​ please help with 2 questions.... 1 why can't i change my first name on my profile? And 2 how do a make a group page or separate page for people to join?
نعم غوغل الافضل علي الاطلاق
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