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Today we are launching a set of great improvements to help the over a million sites who use +1 button and badges for Pages better connect with their users.

We’re launching a personal G+ badge to help influential individuals grow their follower audiences. We’re making it easier to share from +1 by automatically expanding it into share mode on click. And, we’re making it easier for users to follow a brand by making it a one click action from page badges.

Personal badge:
Page badge:
+1 Button:
G+ Developer Forum:
Check it out, let us know what you think, and let us know what else you want on the Google+ Developer Forum! #googleplusupdate
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Nice to see you continuing to iterate on the badges. Can't wait to see more support for integrating Google+ with our content in the future!
Hey +Google+ Developers

Did you allow on purpose for someone to add themselves to a circle trough the new personal bagde?

Note: couldn't find any bug report form. :o/
I'm disappointed by the button change. I use it to highlight search results for friends far more than I use it to actively share. Now it just makes me click more to get the share dialog to go away. It's the same issue as the Google Reader plus one button and the reason I don't recommend items from that nearly as much as I used to.
Love the new personal badge. Set up and installation was easy. I do have some reservations about the speed of the share mode appearing from G+ buttons. Pop ups of this sort can be annoying, so at least a .5 second delay or something like that could alleviate this.
When can we expect support for badges in Google Sites?
Repeating comments also posted elsewhere. Only Icon/Badge, not Icon/Badge/Standard Badge as for Pages. It's completely mystifying that Profile badges don't work in exactly the same way as Page badges.
+Jenny Murphy Is there a way to disable the thick white border on the dark themed badge? Messes up with the site design completely.
+Julian Bond and +NIH: You noticed correclty. There's no +1 Button included in the profile badge. This is because there's no +1 button on your profile page :) We figure since you're an individual it makes more sense for people to follow your activity on Google+ than it does for them to +1 your profile.

That being said, you're still quite welcome to continue to include the +1 Button on your personal website to make it easier for people to share it on Google+.
+Harshad RJ: The dark theme does indeed include a light border. There is no configuration option to change that at this time, but this is something that has been requested. You can find the issue here: If you star the issue you'll be notified when the issue is updated :)
+Jenny Murphy I read that explanation and I had to go and check a page because I didn't remember seeing a +1 or share button on pages. Now I've seen that, I don't really understand why those aren't on profile pages as well.

As a developer I'm looking at all this and reckon you're over-thinking it. IMHO there shouldn't be much difference between profiles and pages, and hence there shouldn't be much difference between the function available in the associated badges. The differences start to look more confusing than helpful.
The badge is getting there - Just needs to show some social validation data ('Fred' is circled by 1234 users) to make it even more desireable to show on screen
Can u guys please put a hangout button on ur google + mobile app
Is there a way to disable the thick white border on the dark themed badge?
Why dark badge is so ulgy ? , dark badge and white border strange.
Just regenerating how everything is smooth
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