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We'll be holding our weekly Google+ Platform Office Hours using Hangouts On Air tomorrow, April 11th, from 11:30 am until 12:15 pm PDT (that's Wednesday at 1830 to 1915 UTC). Once the hangout begins you will be able to see the live stream on +Jenny Murphy's profile and on +Google+ Developers.

This week it's time for some more live coding. We'll show you how to write a jQuery plugin that uses the JavaScript client library to display recent activity on your web page.

After the coding wraps up, we'll field your questions about the platform. If you have something you'd like to ask, please comment on the original post:
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If one can't make the hangout at specified time will you document it and/or make the video available on YouTube or Google+?
Looking forward to it, and thanks again to +Jenny Murphy for answering all my questions last week!
Why can't you see that the "organic" concept of open access, non-moderated Hangouts is not working for many businesses and tech pundits?

What is so hard about giving the host of a Hangout moderation privileges to kick out and permanently ban a troll?

If a Hangout host enjoys the "discovery" aspect of letting random people into the videoconferencing event, with no moderation, then he or she can go "organic" and accept whatever happens. But others who prefer more control could exercise their admin powers when deemed necessary. Giving other participants in a Hangout the ability to Block a troll puts the burden on them, which is not normative for chat rooms.

This solution offered is not very helpful:

I love G+ and this situation is the only one I really have any problems with. Thanks for your consideration.

May I please have Hangouts on Air? I can't openly offer my broadcasts if I can't control troublemakers, but I want to reach out to more aspiring developers than just those in a specific circle that people must contact me to get into...
Any news on when the API will be available? Or when more desktop features are coming to mobile, like URL summaries with image previews?
Great new Google+ UI, but I can not sort the order of the circles that are shown on the homepage. Is it a bug, or how could this be done? There is only the More-Dropdown Menü, but I am not able to switch on additional circles or drag and drop them to the bar.
+Allen Firstenberg yes it does. Just tried that one. But still no possibility to show more circles in the top bar with the circles. Just Home, two others and More
Is there a hangout notifier or alert in the works?
This is playing in YouTube now as well. That makes it a little tricky to read that chat as well as this one. Some of us feel that there will be a need to have an extra hand/producer to run the program
Maybe it's the new layout, but I couldn't find a way to join the Hangout back at 11:30.
Hi, is it possible, when using the method, for example querying for a specific hashtag, to get only the activities created after a previous search?
+Allen Firstenberg +Jenny Murphy There is a feature that I want to work on and it is pertinent to broadcasting using hangouts.
I am not a programmer, but will be talking with manufacturers next week at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Is this something that I can ask via feedback or post to someone directly?
will you be adding Google ply so ill be able to listen to my music it makes no sense to open a new page when i can just do it from Google plus
we need more app integration with twitter,pinterest instagram,path vevo, etc and where is picasa why wasn't added to the photo section
+Google+ Developers Some G+ plus friends of mine and I are wondering if you all are going to up date the G+ app so that we can view and manipulate our G+ web pages. Thanks for the great pages and for doing a great job.
Thanks for this +Jenny Murphy. Works great, except for one small problem. I'm trying to use this with a Google+ badge, but when I put the badge in, I get this error "Invalid auth token. 508094182 vs 1738569047". Any ideas? It works fine when I take out the g+ badge.
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