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Nearly all of Hangouts API v1.1 is now publicly available, so your apps can respond to facial movements in real-time, use overlays, and lots more! The only thing that remains is the sendMessage() method, which is still in preview. We'll post again once the rollout is complete. In the meantime, have fun!
Thanks to all the great feedback from the developer community, today we're previewing v1.1 of the Hangouts API in the developer sandbox. Highlights include:

1. Overlays you can statically fix to the screen, not just a person's face. It's now possible, for example, to create "lower third" effects (, borders, and captions like you see on news shows and live interviews.

2. Apps that can respond to facial movements in real-time. Now when participants tilt their head side-to-side, look right and left, or lean forwards and backwards, your app can react accordingly. You might decide to let participants' faces control gameplay, for instance.

3. A new way to keep high-activity apps in sync for all participants. Certain hangout apps (like games) need to respond to lots of actions from everyone in the room, all at once. (Think collaborative whack-a-mole.) v1.1 includes a new method to propagate high-frequency, low-latency updates across the hangout.

To read more about these in-progress updates, feel free to read the release notes:

You can give these features a try by running your app in the developer sandbox. In a few days, you'll be able to include these improvements in your publicly-available Hangout Apps. We welcome your feedback in the comments, and look forward to seeing what you'll build next!

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> so your apps "can can" respond to facial movements
"can can" respond?
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When will we receive a function for the chat that allows us to check whoever it is that is trying to add us??? Hate that " wants to be able to chat with you. Your email address will be visible. Okay?".
Why do I not see a user name? Why can I not get more info about that mail address? Is it a friend or someone just hopping to gain my email address for spam? No way to know at the moment.
Someone just mentioned newsgroup. Is there a hangout specific one? Pointer pls!
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