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Google I/O was a blast, and it's time for a recap. It's also time for another session of the Google+ platform office hours.

When: Tuesday, July 10th at 2:30 pm PDT (see in your time zone:
What: This week we'll discuss what we announced at Google I/O and answering your questions.
Where: In a Hangout On Air. Once the session has begun see it here on +Google+ Developers or on Developers Live:

Ask your questions by commenting on the announcement post:

Some questions are better asked face to face. If you'd like to join the hangout, mention that in your comment too. We'll send you an invite.
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What?   Did you forget about the Events button over there?
<--------------------------------------------------------------------------   :P
Not a nice time for us Europeans where it will be almost midnight... I'd still love to join though :) Also you should try to get +Abraham Williams in there because as far as I've seen he's been the most active with the history API :)
If you make events for that will be better isn't it? You put your time and we'll get our local time.
about time to use "Events".
I'd like an invite. I have a question about best practices while using the ruby client to talk to g+
Instant Upload seems to be defaulted to "Public"     Several have posted embarrassing pics.    I believe you can set it to private.  It might be good to have it defaulted to "Private"      
+Trey Collier instant upload (as well as all other moments) default to private. Actually you can't make instant upload public except for sharing specific images.
Thanks for the clarification.   
Any desire for History to work with Gmail in the future?  And we already have Google Account reports, what is that anticipated integration supposed to look like?
Youtube tells me that the live stream of this hangout is not available in my country (Germany). Why is that? Edit: Tested on three different devices incl. Android 4 tablet. No success. :-(
Events On Air and Hangouts On Air having different meanings is very confusing to people when your event is a Hangout. Hope Google+ can reconsider the terminology.

And is there any way for a Event to have a On Air Hangout associated with it besides just linking a seperate Hangout to it? When trying with the Hangout type event (under advanced) it seemed when the Hangout started I didn't see the option to make it On Air.  And a Event "On Air" just means its public and people can +1 photos.
I would love to get thoughts from third-party developers this feature request for adding a recommendation system using the History API:
+Joshuha Owen I create the event and hangout separately and add the hangout youtube url to the event after I start it.
+Abraham Williams Yeah thats how people do it now but that's not intuitive. You would think if you could start a Hangout event you could start a Hangout On Air event.
+Joshuha Owen I think the difficulty here is with invites, because you would need to make a public event but only invite certain people to the HOA.

For normal hangout events the people invited to the event and the people invited to the hangout are the same.
There are also technical issues that the hangout url for an event is a permanent url, but that the URL for the stream may not be pre-allocated.
Can watch the recording of this hangout now. But wasted time trying to connect to the live stream while it was running. #fail Something really went wrong in Googleverse tonight. At least here in Germany.
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