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Did you do your #marchmadness  bracket? There's still a few minutes left to sign in with Google and quickly get yours in before the first game starts. Make sure to share it with everyone on Google+ too!
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+Google Chrome ....
Ela mou nte ypeahoun?!!!!@@>.. l**l ......
Tha mou apantisis??? No tora aurio.....:))))
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Google+ Developers

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Yay! The team at +Pocket added an option to sign up and login with Google. No more remembering a username and password!
You can now sign up and log in to Pocket with your Google+ account. It's easy to start saving interesting content to view anytime, anywhere, so share Pocket with your friends!
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I'm using a custom domain for this account +Laura Brown custom gmail also ;)
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Who's at #SMW14  in NY? If you are, swing by to hear a few Google+ speakers! 

Today at 3pm at the Change stage +Steve Grove and partners like +The Huffington Post and +Billboard will talk about the future of broadcasting : 

Today at 4:30pm on the Engage stage +Seth Sternberg will talk about Google’s latest initiatives to help grow your audience:

And tomorrow at 12pm on the Engage stage +Dija Jolly will talk about how to make your brand social across the web:
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Wow super
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+Seth Sternberg about to go on at #appsworld at 11:30am on the Droid stage to talk about growing your app business by understanding users. If you're here come by and say hi!
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I love google
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Great video on the latest growth vectors from Google to help you increase your audience and improve engagement. Lots of good tips in there!

Check out +Seth Sternberg 's tips on how  #GrowWithGoogle .
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Great talk, Seth! See you at Apps world tomorrow.
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Developers site redesign 
We’re introducing a new look and feel to the front end of our Google+ developers site today so you may notice a few changes. We wanted to make it easier and simpler for folks to learn about the growing set of features our platform has to offer. The updated design reflects feedback we received from the community and includes new content like case studies from +Hotel Tonight, +Deezer, and +Jolicloud, so you can see what other developers have been up to with the platform.  We hope you like it, let us know what you think.

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+Google+ Developers this is actually helpful. The buttons on the landing page and links on left keep it organized per os. Love it! 
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Have them in circles
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Google+ Developers

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Lots of new partners launching Google+ Sign-In in the past few weeks! Big congrats to all our partners across multiple platforms. Try signing in with Google to see what they've done:

On Web: +BuzzFeed, +BBC News, +iHeartRadio, +The Wall Street Journal  
On Android: +Flipboard+feedly, +shopkick  +iHeartRadio 
On iOS: +shopkick, WeHeartIt  
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O yes nai Nai ^_^.... (Y) +Google Chrome +YouTube .....
Eimaste Φιλαρακια and mou exouv kapoio themata...:-))))
Sosta......<3 (Y) <3 (Y) Giati apo eki πρωτο  to aρχισα../μαι....
Αλλα η ζωη προχωραη... And No mono apo ti vtepo...^_^..... Kala kanetai...Mexri one simio....
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Lots of news from +Flipboard today! Besides their acquisition of Zite, they're now live with Google+ Sign-In on Android!  The smoothest way yet to create a +Flipboard account on Android: simply log in with Google. 

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Good explanation of how to use GoogleApiClient as the new model for interacting with Google+ APIs on Android.
Today's episode of #DevBytes is from +Katherine Kuan. She explains how to connect to Google Play Services so that you can access great APIs for games, authentication, app state, location, G+, wallet, and much more. This video will show you how to use GoogleApiClient as the new model for interacting with these services ( To learn more about what Google Play Services can do for you, check out

For more DevBytes, check out our complete playlist at

DevBytes: Connecting to Google Play services with GoogleApiClient

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What's about support for your own products. There are a lot of bugs but no one is looking at them. There are >200.000 Google business customers affected worldwide from this bug...
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Shout out to our friends at Wish, a social shopping platform, for integrating Google+ Sign-In on Android and Web last week. Looking forward to the iOS launch too.
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Have them in circles
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Google+ platform news, updates, community, and more
Welcome to the Google+ developers page.

On this page the Google+ Developer Relations team will host regular hangouts to talk about the Google+ platform, your experiences with it, and share tips and tricks with the community. 

The Google+ platform team will also share Google+ developer events, conferences and hackathons, as well as photos and videos of the events.  In addition, we’ll announce and discuss our launches on this page.

We look forward to meeting you!