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During our first pilot test in 2013, launching dozens of balloons from New Zealand to see if they’d circumnavigate the globe, we knew we had a lot to learn about how to use algorithms to move our balloons up and down and guide their paths through the sky. We thought we’d need a continuous stream of balloons around the world such that, as one balloon drifted away, another would be ready to take its place. We figured our main task would be to manage the balloons’ paths during their round the world journeys just enough to get them to drift over our Internet test locations in roughly equal intervals — so as one balloon moved out of range, another would move into place.

However, the more we flew, the more we realized that our algorithms were able to help the balloons do more than simply fly past our test sites on the ground. Our altitude control system was gradually getting better, so we were able to choose from a greater variety of winds and move ourselves north, south, east, or west. We wondered, what if instead of circling the world, we could ride these winds in small enough loops to cluster balloons over a single area? Forget a ring around the world - just hang out!

In mid 2016, we started sending balloons from our launch site in Puerto Rico to hang out in Peruvian airspace — and they did, some for as long as three months. We kept repeating the experiments and saw the same results: rather than send streams of balloons around the world, we had figured out how to cluster balloons in teams over a particular region.

Now that we can send small teams of balloons directly to areas that need connectivity, and get those balloons to spend more of their time in those areas, we believe we're years closer to our goal of bringing Internet connectivity to unserved areas.

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Mobile developers, gain insight on how to use a few Firebase tools with GCP at these #googlenext17 sessions. 

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You can now easily add the "Start a Hangout" button to your apps! Learn more:
Introducing a #Hangout start button that can be embedded in any app or website. Meet face-to-face anytime, anywhere, and work more effectively together with just one click. Learn more:

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+Virgin  presents +Richard Branson , Tony Fadell, +Megan Smith, +Guy Kawasaki and Dave Evans in a Hangout On Air debate on the state of innovation in 2014 and the great challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups.


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Making it easier to share to Google+ from your mobile site

As a mobile developer, you can incorporate the Google+ sharebox in one of three ways: our iOS and Android SDKs, and the mobile web. We recently improved the sharebox for native Android and iOS apps (, and today we’re bringing these same improvements to the mobile web. So now, the mobile web sharebox:

- Lets users share to their Gmail contacts, or anyone with a Google+ profile
- Suggests frequent and/or recent contacts

Together, these improvements make it easier for users to share your content with just the right people.  If you’re already using the mobile web sharebox on your site, you’ll get the update automatically.


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Did you do your #marchmadness  bracket? There's still a few minutes left to sign in with Google and quickly get yours in before the first game starts. Make sure to share it with everyone on Google+ too!

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Lots of new partners launching Google+ Sign-In in the past few weeks! Big congrats to all our partners across multiple platforms. Try signing in with Google to see what they've done:

On Web: +BuzzFeed, +BBC News, +iHeartRadio, +The Wall Street Journal  
On Android: +Flipboard+feedly, +shopkick  +iHeartRadio 
On iOS: +shopkick, WeHeartIt  

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Yay! The team at +Pocket added an option to sign up and login with Google. No more remembering a username and password!
You can now sign up and log in to Pocket with your Google+ account. It's easy to start saving interesting content to view anytime, anywhere, so share Pocket with your friends!

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Lots of news from +Flipboard today! Besides their acquisition of Zite, they're now live with Google+ Sign-In on Android!  The smoothest way yet to create a +Flipboard account on Android: simply log in with Google. 

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