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Google+ Profile Update - Local Reviews in Profiles are Back (again)
Posted by +Lee Jarratt:

Don't worry, you are not experiencing Déjà vu..

It seems that Google has added Local review statistics to profiles again. You may remember that they added this functionality late last month ( and then removed it less than 48 hours later ( for reasons unknown.

Let's hope the 'link to Local' functionality is here to stay as it is sure to boost the number of reviews for businesses in Google+ Local.

What do you think of the reintroduction of the 'link to Local' in profiles?

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Including a preview of the most recent review might help too.
Sean S
Anyone find the underscore next to the pencil icon unnecessary?
I just assumed it was a piece of paper, or a shadow +Sean S :-)
Sean S
+Michael Harries ,
I agree.  I already deleted one of my reviews and just rated it instead.  
I don't want to feel awkward going to a place I go to often not knowing  whether or not they've seen my reviews.
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