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+Snapseed for +Android with +Google+ Integration Coming Soon?
Posted by +Lee Jarratt:

+Vic Gundotra has just very recently shared a photo on #googleplus  of a beautiful sunset. If you have a good eye, you will see that he has shared the photo using Snapseed.

If you're unaware of what Snapseed is, it is an iOS & desktop only (for now) photo editing application developed by +Nik Software which has recently been acquired by +Google. It would make sense that an Android version would be in development, and with tight integration with Google+.

It is very exciting to know that we should hopefully see Snapseed on the +Google Play Store soon, as Vic has subtly hinted about it today.

Are you looking forward to seeing what acquiring Nik Software will do to improve the photo experience on Google+?

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I thought one of Android's good things was that you didn't have to build G+ integration into each separate app? Can't you now edit a photo with any existing app and share it straight to G+ or any other social network you choose?
+David Prieto you can, but it would be great if the mobile app had editing tools without needing an extra app. The desktop version has a lot—but sadly it's with Flash. D=
I'm not sure +Greg Golightly, but if Vic is using it on his Samsung Galaxy S III now then it must be almost ready. As soon as we find out any more information, our followers will be the first to know :-)
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