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We've made some exciting improvements to today, consisting of a clean and responsive site across many screen sizes. You can read about all the changes and what to expect from us going forward, in our blog post.

We'd love to read your feedback, so please feel free to +mention us with your comments and suggestions!

We've launched a series of improvements to our site today, which makes for a fresh and responsive reading experience. But before we get to the good stuff, here's a quick recap on how it all began: In 2012, I created a Google+...
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cool ♥ thank YOU +Google Plus Daily 
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Another one bites the dust... Are you sad to see Ripples go too?

As of today, Ripples can no longer be accessed in the name of a simpler, more streamlined Google+. Ripples was a data visualisation tool which allowed you to see when and where a post was shared from. On a publicly shared pos...
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While I didn't use Ripples particularly frequently I always thought it as a neat and fairly unique feature. So I'm somewhat sad to see it go. 
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Google+ 5.5 is now rolling out on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, grab the APK now on +APK Mirror (link in the article).

You can access the G+ Help Centre without leaving the Google+ app, thanks to the latest 5.5 update for Android. Accessing the Help Centre is as easy as tapping on a post > Three dot menu > Help. What's interesting about this ...
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Google is starting to annoy me so much with those Android only updates to the app...
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Sharing circles on Google+ is no longer possible after Google removed the feature earlier this week.

Did you use the shared circle feature?

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+Michael Perrigo
 trick question    how many folks did you block?

I ask because if you try to add a circle with a person that you blocked, or a person who has blocked you, you will have issues....

most folks block away and do not realise the consequences of blocking, or being blocked.

many were blocked because they used the NOTIFY CIRCLES OPTION way too much and with out any regard for others who received masses of notifications, because every post that was sent out carried the notify instruction.

this is still a very big issue and +Bill Gassett  has a great post discussing that here     The real conversation and many great pointers come through in the comment stream.  it will really be worth your while to take a peep see and read the comment stream in this post.
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We wanted to let you all know that our app, GPD Reader, is currently suspended on +Google Play in error. We have responded to the suspension and are currently awaiting a response from Google. Currently, we do not see any reason that the suspension would not be lifted, but we wanted to make sure you all know.

How it impacts you: If you have not downloaded our app, you won't be able to until the suspension has been lifted. If you have already downloaded our app, you will be able to continue using it; however, we won't be able to update it and you won't be able to review it.

Thank you for your patience while we work with Google on this, and as always, thank you for being loyal readers!
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As +Daniel Baines said, we are back up and running on Google Play. You can check out our announcement post of it being up and running and with new features here:
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The button which links to Google+ Local has been removed from the navigation menu on the web.

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+Simona Pinkova This is a pretty short comment, what do you think?
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Have them in circles
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We've been waiting for this for a long time...

A beautiful material update to the Hangouts Chrome App is rolling out now. This new design to the Hangouts Chrome App brings along a new option to switch between the 'Transparent UI' and 'Single-window UI' which should please...
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+Michael H You can completely close Chrome on desktop and still have the app I believe, by default, but that is true the extension can stay running in the background but does still need Chrome
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What are Google+ Hashtags Good For Anymore? New opinion piece by GPD contributor, +Cory May.

The title got your attention, yeah? It's a question that sparked the discussion with my editor-in-chief (Lee Jarratt) on hashtags. Are they even relevant or needed in this day and age of the optimized search engine? What was ...
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Hashtags are good for Topic of The Day and Hot Topics
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Google has uploaded a new ad promoting Google+ Collections. What inspiring collections do you follow?

There's a new ad for Google+, with Collections under the spotlight. There's no information or screencaps of Google+ Collections shown in the video, rather focusing on what users can get out of the new scrapbooking feature. In...
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I defined some collections, and I put posts into them after posting. I don't do it while posting because I want to be able to direct some posts to email circles. 
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GPD Reader back on Google Play & now with push notifications

Happy to announce that GPD Reader for Android is back on  +Google Play for download. If you haven't already downloaded it, now is your chance! The new version has push notifications so you are always the first to know about Google+ news and full tablet support so it looks great no matter what device you're on.

Download now on Google Play:

Also, we'd love if you could leave us a review to let us know how you like it and give it a +1 if you like it. Thanks!
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+Clayton Pritchard​ Oops.. That's silly. 
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Google Plus Daily

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How to Sideload the Google+ Android App

For those times when you're too impatient to wait for the Google+ update to roll out to you, here's your guide to sideloading the Google+ Android app.

#android   #googleplusdaily  
You've probably had this experience before: after finding out the Google+ Android app has been updated, you head over to the Play Store, only to see that the update isn't available for your device yet... Well, not to worry - ...
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"Spring clean all the features!"

The Nearby feature has been removed from the Google+ app for Android. Google is doing some major spring cleaning this week with Google+ features. First went automatic hashtagging, then Google+ Local and now the Nearby stream...
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+Jesse Spangenberger yeah so useless? anywhere I went I checked local stream to find out whats the local buzz about places.. etc...
"so uselss" that  others made living out of it like which is streaming nearby posts on instagram social network...
another missed opportunity...
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