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Lots of bugs died that day...

Development of the Google+ Beta doesn't seem to be slowing down. In the February 10th update, over 100 bugs have been squashed and a few minor features have been implemented. If you've been using the sleek Google+ beta, you'l...
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Hello +Google Plus Daily Good to know about updates,
Moreover, here is a mandatory articles for your kind review shall be fixed as soon as possible,
Thanking your cooperation with anticipation, we remain.
Sincerely yours
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What would you like to see improved in the next release of Google+ for iOS?

G+ iOS users get some of those goodies that recently made their way to the Android app. Though the Google+ mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices, it seems like the former gets more of the attention, in t...
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Have they added the ability to dismiss "recommended" communities yet? Back in November, it was not present and I switched back to the original version immediately because of that. Kinda worthless without that control.
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In case you missed it: Google+ Beta updates from last week.

Google+ updates have been rolling out pretty quickly recently, possibly to get everything out before the Christmas break. This latest update for the web preview has a slew of new features, some of which will be of interest to...
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google gives me lot of help and infomation lot of thanks

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After having the feature for a little while now, what are your thoughts?

One of the most-awaited features in Google Photos finally sees the light of day. It was during this year’s I/O that Google Photos, the rumoured-replacement of Google+ Photos, was unveiled, and though most of the features s...
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+Mike Meraz That's good to know. What is the extra step that you find inconvenient?

Making a new collection was a drag, but now that it's done sharing to Plus is as easy for me as it was before Photos was spun off. I compose an album in Photos, then share it to Plus, people comment and plus things. It's very smooth for me.
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Be sure to check out +Gabriel Komarnicki​'s opinion piece - The Days of Comparing Google+ and Facebook are Over.

#googleplus #facebook
We take a look at the future of G+ and consider if it's still worth comparing it with "that other social network." For months now, it was no secret that a major shift in the overall direction of Google+ was in the works, from...
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I hate the overall current direction with G+, but view it as they have stripped it down to its most basic parts, and will slowly start adding new features to it.

The secret will be users sending customer feedback driving the growth and development of Google+. If current users don't use the feedback tool available to them, Google + will die.

If enough current users speak up, we may see Google plus again integrated back into other Google products, with increased functionality.
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Google+'s new UI and refocus on Communities and Collections is now rolling out to users of both the Android and iOS apps. We've got you covered on what's new and how to get the update if it hasn't rolled out to you yet.

Once you've tried it out, tell us what you think of the new app. What do you love or hate about it?

Google+'s new UI and refocus on Communities and Collections is now rolling out to users of both the Android and iOS apps. Tuesday, Google began rolling out a refreshed look to their social media network, and now that update...
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where is the "explore" and "what's hot" in the new design?
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Google+ Beta updates are flowing nicely...

Another update has come out for the web preview, and it’s big! Since the release of the new Google+ back in November, lots of improvements and fixes have been coming out at a fast pace, to the delight of us G+ fans. This time...
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Google+ v7.1 for Android rolled out last week bringing some welcome improvements, including tapping the home button to go straight to the top of the stream.

Also, we're back from our hiatus. Expect regular posts from here on out.

The Google+ team has pushed out a follow-up to this month’s major Android update. Earlier this month the Google+ app for Android hit a milestone with the release of version 7.0.0, which included a ton of much-awaited updates,...
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+Chris Hogg I'm with you on the majority of your points. There are so many hands making good (free) services but to be truly a one-stop-shop, they have to coordinate more. Google Photos should be linked to YouTube. Hangouts should be linked to Messenger. Why not link Google+ to everything in the Google arsenal? It's like they're pulling punches in case they need to adapt down the road.

I'm confident they have a grand plan for each of their tools now, so why not a little more transparency? I want to get excited for the next round of integrations with my favorite social platform. G+ would go great with YouTube Gaming, Inbox, Keep, Messenger, Play Games, Play Music, etc.
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Fresh Google+ Beta updates rolling out to web.

Another week, another set of updates for the Google+ web preview! The latest one contains three minor, albeit pretty handy ones nonetheless, that brings the preview more in parity with the old Google+. One-Click 1’s in Comme...
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Hello +Rob Gordon Let us review your thoughts about the subject you mentioned on your words and here is our shared thoughts:
Google+ Updates by Google Plus Daily:
Google+ Help by Google+:
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This should have rolled out to everyone on Google Play by now...

Ever since the new Google+ was released about a month ago, the team has been working hard updating the Android, iOS apps and the desktop site, in response to user feedback. This latest update for Android devices bumps the...
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+Gideon Brontë are you using the iOS app? In android the circles are in the slide out menu
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Beta users, it's #googleplusupdate  time.
The new radically overhauled Google+ launched in the form of a beta over a week ago has been updated to include a third column of posts in the stream along with a small bunch of other treats. The Google+ development team is l...
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+Jitte Groothuis didn't see it at first even after you pointed it out 😜
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Google has pulled back the curtain on a brand new Google+ experience and slapped a big ol'beta tag on it.

What say you, followers? Sticking with classic or embracing the beta?

A beta version of Google+ that promises to be "simpler, faster, better" is launching today, which features the biggest changes to Google's social network in years. The optional beta for the web version of Google+ shows off an...
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Since the new version has been introduced, I'm not getting anywhere near the amount on a page that I used to :(
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