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Excited about Newsstand ( Fill yours up with free and discounted magazines for a limited time, from +WIRED, +The New Yorker, +Entertainment Weekly, +Vanity Fair, +GQ Australia  and many more for those in the US, UK, Australia and Canada:
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Bring to iOS

Nexus 5 running android 4.3? Hmm.
Keeps crashing on my Note 10.1 and won't allow me to view magazines I've saved on my device. Fix it. This update sucks 
+Google Playit's ok, though it doesn't seem as good as Currents, which it's supposed to replace. Missing basics like hide articles already read, doesn't support video feeds like YouTube (one out of 10 videos had the YouTube link, the others I had to load up the webpage), and doesn't always show pictures (and one of my rss feeds is pictures and videos).

Needs work
Needs a widget although effective ones seem to be something that Google struggles with.
No, I'm not excited at all. I'm not American, so I can't read magazines or newspapers with your app. Thanks but no thanks! 
Thanks for all the discounted magazines! But Play Magazines was good enough for this...
Could not find any free magazines...
+Oliver Field launch Google play newstand, go to magazines, scroll down and tap Shop, at Google play store scroll down til you see Free and Discounted magazine section. And then see more.
+Matt Hammett You never know. I'm sure some jaded user who doesn't like KitKat has rooted it and installed 4.3.
Fantastic update and combination with Currents; Currents is far easier to navigate now and much less prone to slowdowns - very impressive Google.
Whoever is the designer of Google apps on android these days deserves a medal!!
Very clean interface....I LIKE!
When will this replace the Currents app that is still installed on my Nexus devices?
How about bringing magazines to germany first ffs
My news can youse improvement. Make what is showing smaller to show more articles in one view to get through faster . also faster rendering of the photos. Life's to short to take forever.
+Joe Wehry I followed the link included in the post, which goes to the same page. 
You tell that this replaces Google currents, while in effect it just replaces Play Magazine.
You are doing it wrong!
Yay a promo for Australia too
Seems to be running very slow with update compared to previous version. Hopefully will improve in time
I like the look, but quite often when I try to load a news article, it just bumps me back to the news main page. Until that is fixed, it can't replace Currents.
Doesn't work on my note 10.1 either. Can't view purchased magazines. While your at it the last Google search update rendered that unusable also
Totalmente de acuerdo con +Xatolos Wired. además se ha perdido que las publicaciones que están en otro idioma se puedan traducir al tuyo. Yo por ejemplo, en currents, leía las publicaciones de +Android Police traducidas al español.
Loving the new Play Newsstand!! Way to go Google!!
Loving the app! So pretty on the Nexus 7!
I wish I could use the app! Sadly, it seems those of us with Note 10.1s see nothing but error messages. 
Okay, great. Now where are the magazines I had downloaded before you changed the app?!
There is zero organization of RSS feeds. All if my feeds regardless if topic...craft beer, comics, Android, news, astronomy...all just dumped into a big steaming jumbled pile.

Totally unusable.
+Google Play can't use newsstand in chrome?? currents is mobile only, and this update appears to be mobile only as well :(  +Scott Jordan the update does seem a bit unorganized, but what do you mean by beer?
+Matthew Webster Ha! Yeah, I could have been more clear. I am subscribed to RSS feeds about craft beer. I see that made no sense the way I wrote it. ~editing comment~
Its a great fresh look on my 7" tab, flawless and fast. I no longer need the separate currents app which was one of my most used ones, and the free sample magazines look stunning. This is a keeper 
Don't know why it crashes in my Galaxy 7.7 Android Tablet with 4.1.2.
Lai Leo
Bring it to Hong Kong.
What's lacking here is a Chrome / Web app with the same functionality.   This was the beauty of G-reader.   Ideally I could have options to read my content through newsstand on my phone or laptop.
that the web app with the same functionally and also that my friends would like the web app and that my friends would like to see you one day. 
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My only problem so far is that it insists on presenting stories from sources I have not selected in "My News", such as the LA Times and the NY Times.  I purposefully don't read any political news and removed all the sources dealing with world and national politics, and they keep showing up.  I have made sure only to click on non-politics stories, hoping to train it, but they keep showing up.  How do I get rid of those sources?
Just got my nexus 5 from Google store best photo I ever had I am a happy camper

They need to bring back the ability to hide old issues of magazines you have already viewed. 
Can you also make it so we can access newsstand through chrome? I would love a unified READER again.
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Can we get a Widget for Newsstand?
Do not use this information to the next few weeks
Es muy interesante prefiero en español

Español por favor
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