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Today’s Surprise: Happy #NYE ! Get +Coldplay's “Viva La Vida” for #free US- Just as Chris Martin sings, “live life” tonight!  Have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you in 2013!
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. . . only if I want to be bored to death. 
Coldplay for Christmas? Was the coal store closed?
Great, if you are an American and like Coldplay and log in on NYE
+Robert Kuhn different strokes for different folks. Free is free and free is awesome
Google discriminates it's users by offering old music and excluding everyone outside of the US...
Spread your services you morrons!
I really was expecting more from globalization :-)
+Eric Beukers so because this isnt the latest thing playing on the radio its automatically not good? I thought music wasnt constrained by something like time...
Dain laguna, its not always OSUM

No thanks. Did we do something bad, Google? Why are you punishing us?
Well, at least they said US this time. They're learning. Soon they might be able to post to US only when it's aUS only post. Ah, here's hoping for a better Google+ Play post 2013. :p
It would be nice except it will not take my payment! It use to take it just fine! What is wrong? Please help! I can't buy apps or songs!!!
Got this song free earlier in year when they had it free during Olympics
"It's an old album!"
"I'm too cool now to like Coldplay!"

I wonder how many people whine like this to their relatives when they get a gift they don't like. Oh, I forgot: the impersonal nature of the internet allows people to be whiny bitches.

Here's an idea: if you don't like the download, already have it, or aren't in the US, just move on to the next post in your feed. 
Not in the US, but liking the album! Thx Google! And thank you Coldplay for a great tour in 2012 it was a amazing show! Thx! 
Thank you for your kindness! Don't pay attention to the haters!
scumbag Google not available in other countries XD 

why the movie not available in Saudi Arabia ?
just use a vpn service guys...everything is available for everyone! :)
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