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When two musicians interpret the same song, the results are both magical and an interesting view into the artistic process. We've gathered some of our favorite cover songs, and are happy to offer them for free for one week only in the US at And check out a video performance of Nirvana covering David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World -- one of our favorites. What’s your favorite cover?
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That is one of the few Nirvana songs that I can stand. And they didn't even write it.
jun mod
I love it !!!!
Favorite cover? Anything by #KarminMusic she rocks everything she does.
The original "The Man Who Sold the World" from David Bowie is far better than the Kurt's one :)
I am not able/not allowed to watch that video clip in Germany (because of GEMA versus YouTube ?).
I was just listening to Lake of fire and Where did you sleep last night..well last night. I thought Nirvana had one of the most unique Unplugged sessions.
Cat Power/Moonshiner. Bowie/Amsterdam. Johnny Cash/Hurt. Just to name a few.
committing suicide was never proven nor dis proven
David L
This is my favorite song of all time by my favorite band of all time ...... Every year I hear this song, my life experiences create a different interpretation. Few songs contain this complexity in its artistic value..... I dedicate this song to my best friend, Gerald Earl Seeley (April 2nd 1982 - April 11, 2012).

Please help Gerald's wish to be buried next to his mother come true. Click the link above to donate to his memorial fund.
Thank You

Please reshare.
And my favorite cover upon inspecting my entire iTunes collection is probably Ra Ra Riot's cover of "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush. Haven't found it on any official release, but it blew me away live.
Thousand Foot Krutch - Unbelievable
ola me i dnt knw anythng abt ths musician any 1 tl me abt him
I taped this off the telly onto a VHS tape....:P
Raf E
When should we expect Google Music in the UK? It's taking so long.
always good to hear it. great song!
i would have to say this one would be my favorite
Why is it only available in the US? Is nobody else in the world allowed to like music?
Would totally snag a few if I didn't have to create a Google wallet account. Why do I need to give a credit card number to "purchase" something free?
i really like this
they steal 90 % of all published and licensed material.copyright laws need to be much stronger and fines should start at500.000 euro's
followed link to download the man who sold the world by nirvanna for free and it wasn't there. :/
An interesting version undoubtedly.
Tricky by Bloodhound Gang...maybe Sweat Leaf by Godsmack
getting this in Australia... Why aren't you's able to watch this clip ... ?
Absolutely stunning cover by Nirvana. Love the original too.
I always thought that it was originally a Nirvana song :P
Oi Google! What about showing the UK some love - Google Music, Google Voice - all absent. Sort it please!!! Google is soooo cool, but ONLY when it all works and weaves together.
+Amy Ewart - didn't know that about the performance, thanks for sharing
Too many to mention... Picking one randomly... Knocking on Heaven's Door by The Sisters Of Mercy is quite good (imo of course)
Too bad David Bowie had to ruin this song by covering it. The original Nirvana version is so much better.
+Max Lanz This is a David Bowie original! It was Nirvana that covered the song!
@ +William Kendrick I'm assuming your asshole comment was aimed at me? I'd take the piss out of you, but your use of the word asshole leads me to believe that you're an American, so it would all go straight over your head. Besides, I'm not taking it personally, because as far as I can tell nobody outside of the US (except possibly Australia) can use Google play, and by your reckoning that's because the rest of the world are assholes who steal everything. Whoa, that's one broad brush you've got there. Nice going! With that attitude to other people you're going to do well.
Let me just add you to my 'Dickhead - AVOID' circle.
one of my favs:-)i also like the song Hurt covered by Johnny Cash.
Скажем так ... очень неплохо. :-)
I put this song on replay as soon as I got home. Love it :)
Beautiful song. I can play it over and over again :).
+Google Play
I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
Kurt Cobain
I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir.
David Bowie
How to choose between two geniuses???!!! btw. love this video :)
Erich W
can we please be allowed to select multiple tracks at once to purchase instead of one by one. That took 20 individual purchases to get those tracks instead of selecting all and making one purchase with all the tracks.
By accident I found out about these people, it was a very good accident!
I say it is incredible!
Youtube the song and have fun!
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