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HBO is coming to Google Play! Starting today, you can get Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Newsroom and other HBO favorites on Play: US- Over the next few months, we'll be adding more of their incredible series, films, documentaries and more. Stay tuned!
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About time! Please make more shows available. 
Rainer S.
Argh, please also outside U.S!
I'm still waiting for the movie Titanic
Great news! How soon will the current season of Boardwalk Empire be added?
Wow! This one is worth paying for if in India.
+Brad Whitehead $2.99 per ep for GoT. I actually went to the Play store and looked. It was very easy.
Mbox beta is better. More movies and tv shows then netflix all for FREE!!
HBO....super-excessive swearing, sex, and violence. Yeah, I don't pay for HBO for a reason. I'm not gonna start just because it's easier to get now.
Will this include episodes of current seasons as they air? Or will everyone need to wait until the season ends before episodes can be purchased/streamed?
+Rich Greenland I'm glad we have choices and can make personal decisions about things like this.
What about the HBO Go App being updated for 4.3 Android??!?!!!?!??!
Nice!!! I wish google had a service like netflix though, you pay a monthly fee for access to all the content.
Just caught that myself about the year delay, +Joe Phelps. That sucks, but honestly it's nice to know the option is there! As I've already bought Season 2, hopefully Season 3 makes it's appearance before Season 4 comes out. 

+Yhlas Beghanov: I know we're three years later, but seriously with the spoiler? Not necessary at all. 
Now how about some chromecast support
What happen to hbogo? Not running on Nexus devices with 4.3 Android.
+Javier Barberena Not sure but i use a streaming app to watch on my big screen and works like a charm. All u can do is download the app and try it.
Do we have to watch it completely stretched though? 
Google Play Movies & TV, which is what you would be watching this on, already has Chromecast support. If you're talking about the HBO Go app, then I agree.
Cable companies don't have anything. They pay millions in retransmission fees and yet they are dictated on what channels the customers can have 
+Anthony KR It's not cable companies, unless you're saying that cable companies prevent HBO from dealing with customers directly.  I don't want HBO via cable, because I don't want cable at all.  I'm more than happy to just pay for HBO content directly, but they won't sell it to me.
+Marco Vanasco only one country, and the same one that have already acces to the same.
So only an additional source for the already served, to get more service. 
Me Be
Very nice.
"Sorry! Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet." - nothing to see here, move along...
Great way to catch up i watched Game of Thrones it worked out fine.
+Derrick Whittet & +jorge Ramirez
These two articles say it best:

In particular, NPR's description that HBO relies on cable companies is apt. It is the cable companies, and in particular, their owners (i.e. Time Warner in this case, who owns almost every piece of the pie when you're talking streaming over the internet) who have a strangle hold on the market right now. No, they don't directly own the content, but they can control to a certain degree how it is distributed. Yes HBO can sell directly to the customer, but as the CEO himself said, they need to make the numbers work. Most likely it will head in that direction, but they're going to make sure it works for them as a company. The customer, sadly enough, isn't always #1. Even the more outspoken ones on the internet. 

Out of 8 friends I can think of at the top of my head, I'm the only one without cable. We need more people dropping cable in favor or other options (or creating their own), in order for said numbers to work for companies like HBO. Netflix is doing a bang up job of showing the other content creators that the demand is out there. We just need to get more voices into the mix.
Not sure if "It's about time!"

<Fry Face>

or "Seriously?"
Would love to be able to get game of thrones in Australia. Please please make all these releases available outside the USA. 
+Joe Phelps i don't know the details on what's available, I can only talk for my country.
My complaint/surprise is for a global market that is ready and waiting. The most expensive part, the infrastructure, is already in place. Royalties may be the difficult part (you know, when lawyers get involved) but if HBO is the owner... what else is needed. 
Here, in Brazil, Google doesn't want to make money, I think. None of this Google Play fantastic things comes to us. When, Google, WHEN??? :'-(
I don't know how HBO over looks it's customers over the world. This is why piracy is rampant.
Awesome! Now please, make it available in Portugal :)
GoT Season three, please come sooner :)
+Pierre Thomain You can purchase the season or by episode and you can take your time watching the show; pause and watch the rest later
Maybe hbo can get its go app working on the note 3
+Peter Salvia correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure you can watch Google Play TV content on ChromeCast...
+Tarek Assaf Google isn't discriminating against other countries.  Believe me, they'd be happy to take your money, too.  Working out licensing agreements with the copyright holders as well as deals with various governments to distribute the content is costly and takes time.  Sorry to single you out, but I get tired of these kinds of comments.  They are working on it, and messages like these don't do much if anything to speed along the process. 
Bring music and TV to Canada, I'm ready to forget that cable TV ever existed. 
Why is everyone asking about Chromecast support? Does Chromecast not work with the Play Movies app anymore?
Vivo en Ecuador, y al igual que miles de latinoamericanos, quisiera que éste contenido estuviese disponible por estos lares. Google espabílate!
Fellow non-US residents: invest in a decent VPN service (I like Tunnelbear and Witopia, each in the range of about $5/month) that can make you appear to be within the US and bypass the location restrictions.
true blood went south last season... not good at all.
Only if it's current episodes and only at $0.50 per episode. $2.99? NFW. I've told Amazon and PSN the same.
plz wanna see HBO soap in korea T.T
Better late than never.. very nice google.!!

the place in the world were people download the most Game of Thrones is in Australia... And the international audience is massive! How is possible to do a release only for US??? This is just silly. 
good thing i bought this kitkat for play store credit! 
I'm +1ing even though this bullshit isn't available outside US/maybe some more. I'll have to continue pirating.
Damn. That is great news. The Newsroom and Continuum are great series. Hope they expand to Denmark in 2013.
Of course US only. I mean who wants to make global money? 
My trust is in +Google Suomi , soon this tv&movies, the Sound Search widget and the Nexus shop will be in Finland just like the music is now.
sans oublié " la meilleur des séries " Homeland ;)
I have free HBO from my cable company and I'm wiling to pay to watch HBO on Google Play :-)
 really dissapointing that I can't watch anything here in Greece
S Blade
Only USA. Guess Canadians are forced into pirating.  Nice try HBO, but not NEARLY good enough.
I love game of thrones can't wait for the new season comes back on !!!
I love true blood on HBO Helen
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