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Are you celebrating Mother’s Day next weekend? Don’t forget to send your mom a card to wish her a good one! We’ve found 2 apps that can make this a snap, and let you do it all from your +Android device.

Sincerely Ink Cards ( lets you send a greeting card with a personalized photo, and lets you play with photo filters, themes, and a personal message. Cards are delivered to US, UK, European & Canadian addresses in under 7 days. Other addresses may take longer.

Touchnote Postcards ( lets you send a postcard with a personalized photo. You can send photos from your favorite apps, like picplz and Camera Zoom FX. Postcards are delivered to US, UK, and German addresses in 2-5 working days. Other addresses may take longer.
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I don't have an Android, but never mind, I still want to know what's on Google Play
Is there an app like this that sends ecards?
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