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Google Play Books and Movies have arrived in Brazil. Enjoy millions of books from the world’s largest ebookstore, including thousands of Brazilian titles like Diálogos Impossíveis and recent blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-Man. And don’t wait to start enjoying local or international films on Google Play, they’re just a few clicks away. Read more about it here (in Portuguese):

We’re happy to invite Brazilians to start reading and watching today anywhere on the web, phones and tablets! 
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Now we are waiting for the musics.... :)
Thank you Google!!
Now it's just a matter of waiting for music, magazines and Devices!
What about Google Books in Poland? Any dates or plans?
I hope this happens in India soon as well. Apple has started it but I don't like their ecosystem.
speaking of portuguese speaking countries... Portugal shouldn't be far from happening.
Although I must admit I have more interest in books and the devices then the movies.
What about Devices in Brazilian Google Play? :)
When can shipped?Why was December 5 orders(My friend's order) are shipping, my order status is "processing"?
+Abe Abrahamian There's no video out on the Nexus 7, but it will support WiDi (MiraCast) in a coming update - you will need an adapter for your TV to display the output. The Galaxy Nexus supports MHL adapters to get HDMI output from the USB port, but don't bother, the quality of the output is really lousy, because the color depth is resampled so it looks like 8 bit colors (256 colors) with dithering...
It's coming, It is cominggggg. Please, make Latin American fans happy this Christmas.
+Google Play I believe all books and movies should be available in every country in all released languages, at least the countries that already have access to Google Play for now. It is very easy for you to do guys, with the world this globalized it's the only fair option. You have the product, but you're not offering them even to the markets that you're already in.. doesn't make sense, only that it's a sloppy move from Google.
+Jessica Meyer I used to feel the same, but it really isn't Google's fault, but all the copyright holders and the differences in legislation between all the countries, we should go after them instead and demand a more streamlined and common way to handle copyrights globally. Unfortunately it's an uphill struggle and the "hill" is Alpes d'Huez...
+Thomas Christensen ok, I can understand this struggle to take the service to a country, but to offer a country already in the program the whole languages availability of a product should be default.. if they have the rights to sell it in one country isn't it automatic to sell it in another that already is part of Google Play?
+Jessica Meyer +Thomas Christensen in fact no. I'm from Brazil and the stores just could get it by now, Amazon and Play are coming at the same time probally cause they could by pass something. And they have to study the market as well, in Brazil there is a huge problem about buing virtual things.
+Jessica Meyer No, not really Jessica, and that's the main reason why Google doesn't sell everything in every country, it is obviously something they want, since it would mean more customers and more money. But they have to lobby with the the companies that hold the rights for the content and the legislation in the respective countries. Even if it the content is already available in the country by other means, like physical medias or books. This is one of the great "problems" of the globalized world, the copyright holders have A LOT of power... 
When movies and devices in itali !?!!??!
I want full google search in brazil.. ( knowlage graph with cards ) and voice actions.. Movies and books are fine but i do not use my devices for that.. 
Latvia still out of list, its a shame, I have to buy books from Amazon on pc. I want Google store to became avaliable at Latvia. 
Why Google play store still not available in Morocco. 
When Google play books and movies will come to Portugal,

Wow Brazil. Pardon my disregard for this information as I suffer regional lockout. Even though I live in Ireland Music, Video and Books is available less than 30 miles away in the uk
Para ficar melhor,só falta a play music e play magazines no Brasil. Valew Google, ótimo presente de natal!
I would like to be able to buy English books in the Spanish store, Amazon Kindle lets me do it so I don't know why Google doesn't. Spanish and Catalonian books are crap.
Finally, Google turned its eyes to Brazil.
India please!! Even apple provides complete iTunes in India. Wish India had complete Google play store feature.
It seems rather odd to me to make such an announcement in English instead of their native Portuguese.
+Stephan Beal , they did announce it in Portuguese on their blog...  I believe this is more a teaser to all about the increase of their service than an announcement per se.
Yes, it is just to advertise to everybody. A number of posts in Portuguese were also released.
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