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Google Play, the world’s largest eBook collection, just got bigger. Now, you can upload your own files to Google Play Books to access on your Android (, iOS ( and the web ( Whether you’re a student with a backpack full of PDF printouts or an avid reader with hundreds of pages held captive on your computer, relieve your back and start adding files today!

After uploading your files, you can enjoy reading them with all the nice features available: bookmarks, highlights and notes, dictionary and more. What’s more, your reading progress, highlights etc are synced to the cloud, so if you have multiple devices, you can easily pick up reading anywhere!

And the Google Play Books app has a fresh new design. We’ve introduced a Read Now section with books you’ve recently purchased, uploaded or read, giving you access to what you want to read most. Enjoy!
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has this just been rolled out to the US?
I've already uploaded my PDF book collection. They work great!
Finally the best ereader on the market gets this feature!
Thank you Google!
J More
Dude Fing Google is taking over the world!!! so many awsome updates!!!!!
YES! Goodbye all other EReader apps!
Google just keeps getting better and better.  Yay!
+Travis Koger It must be a more random rollout than country. I'm in the UK and can't access the Uploads page.
this is quite awesome!  I have been wanting to be able to use google books to read all of my books not just ones bought threw the play store.
Google Drive integration would be nice :)
Bummer DRM epub is not supported.  Still cool though.
+Travis Koger it looks the same as the screenshot, just without the "uploads" and "Upload File" links. I don't think I looked at Books on a browser before.
Когда в Украине откроете ?
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.

So it is not in New Zealand yet - mind you nothing is in New Zealand except sheep
+Travis Koger I got the updated look, but the nice big blue button is nowhere to be found on the page I see :/ Bit disappointed, have to say...
THANK YOU!!! I have a huge collection of novels that I wanted to add to my Play Books library and it was frustrating having to juggle between the Kindle and Play Books app.
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I am not seeing an option to upload directly from PC only Google Drive.
Same here, from France. But I have french friends with the upload button o_O
Oh no, Google Play Books is not available in Taiwan :(
Looking forwards to buy books on Google Play Books in Taiwan soon  
Ok... so that's not just me who can't upload the PDFs. Good to know :)
Oh this is EXACTLY what I wanted. THANK YOU.
Don't see a way to upload,, wondering, I already was using G-drive for books,, will I be able to get them to play well so to speak. 
Did the Authors get a new interface? You know...the people who provide the material from which you derive revenue? 
I still cannot highlight and notate PDFs. Is that option available for PDF files?
Amazing, been waiting for this since day one. Bye bye Kindle app.
Yes, thanks google!!!!!! This will help me with school!
So far I like the new app, just wish it had some of the basic stuff other apps have, like changing the color of the background to grey. Bright white on black hurts my eyes on an lcd screen. 
Still not working in the US...atleast in Colorado.  
Dang, don’t have the upload button yet. Oh well. Still using Stanza on my old iPhone 3GS to read ebooks.
This is great, I just got a couple of free ebooks from Txtr and was trying to figure out how to load them.
You should have integrated this with Google Drive and allowed us to upload stuff from a GDrive folders directly into the Play Book system.
I've been getting a 404 error for the upload page for the last 2 hours now...
Ok +Google Play Is there anychance you can open the app internationally for copyright free epubs? (Please +1 if you would like this)
+Ananya Gupta I agree. I uploaded a ton of PDF files to Google Drive and now I have to download them to re-upload them to books.
@ David amen and calibre to load all my books back and forth
Sweet! When will this be available? I don't see it in mine.
In the UK, just hit the web link above on my Nexus 7 and uploaded a DRM free eBook I was reading in Aldiko. Good job Google!
Argh! I wish they'd fix their links so they actually go to the play store instead of "Moved Temporarily".
+David White I'm in the UK too and either on the PC or on the tablet or through the Play Books app, the Upload link is just not there, and it's all been rolled out to the new design, that is very odd...
I don't have an upload link either on the website.
I have it on my Google Apps for Business account but not on my personal GMail yet.
FINALLY! Oh my gosh, I have been waiting AGES for this feature!
Does this also work in the app itself, im living in the netherlands and g books is not yet live here but i can install the app.
I tried doing it from my nexus 4 but have had no success. I'll try from a PC tomorrow. 
Is this real??? Very cool
Awesome google your the best what would I do with out you !!!
This would be great if...

A) It worked worldwide.
B) It could read files from your device storage, not just uploads.

I get a 404 error on the uploads link when trying this in Australia.  Is this because it's US-only or something?
I just got it for my personal GMail account  I have been waiting for this feature from day one!
Sooo.... how comes  i can't upload my books 'cause i live in Ecuador? :(
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know. iim in the USA
Wish I could somehow upload my nook books
You made music available to everyone today. Please do the same with books also.
Live in the USA and I don't see he upload like in the screenshot.  Will check in the morning and see if it shows up.
I just found out that adobe had this last week, but I'm more excited about Google's
T_T Been waiting for 6 hours and my upload still isn't live! (404 on the uploads link & no upload button in my books where it should be.) Hurry up +Google Play !
Fantastic, I've upload both "PDF" & "Epub" books / Magazines.
I would love it too if I didn't live in such a crappy country...We don't have google play books or music or movies here, just google apps :((
Awesome... a few days ago I realized this feature doesn't exist... and now it's there! :)
Exactly what Books was missing - Good work Google!
But: Now one important question: Is there a possibility to upload an epub-magazine via rss?
Thanks, I have been waiting for this feature!
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Thank you Google Play Books team!

I bought a ton of eBooks through the Humble Indie Bundle and never got around to reading them because I couldn't view them in my favorite eReader, Google Play Books, Thanks for adding this functionality.
how come such service as play books are not available world wild? Why am I not able to access it? internet is supposed to be world wild and I'm seriously getting bored of all the "this page is not accessible from your country yet" kind messages... 
This is HUGE! Thank you so much!

Now, when will we get .cbr and .cbz support? 
+Michael Lavi Most files of that type are probably too big to fit in the 50 MB limit, so I can only hope that the latter restriction goes away first.
I guess flowing text & read aloud features are not working with uploaded books. :( Any one else experiencing the same issue?
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
This is the best feature in google play. Please make it available worldwide
+Google Play How can we read the PDFs on our mobile devices without the reading view??...jus the highlights & animations arent good enough...Reading view makes it a perfect reader...
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.

What about Czech Republic?
Having troubles getting this to actually work
I'm having the same issue as +Fawaz K and am feeling confused/irritated:  The post says, "After uploading your files, you can enjoy reading them with all the nice features available: bookmarks, highlights and notes, dictionary and more."  However, I tried this on two separate pdfs and Play Books told me searching and taking notes are unavailable for scanned files (however, I could search them in their original pdf state).

What gives, +Google Play?  If the feature is unavailable for pdfs then please re-word the post and make particular feature unavailability more clear in the future.  Why would I want to take the extra logistical steps and time to upload pdfs into Play Books when I can simply access them (and with greater functionality) in their original location?
I wish you can make it available for all since we can now upload our own books anyway. I understand the playstore limitation but not this. Please help us out.
Bravo! I think this is a great solution for studying. Hopefully it makes course-work much easier to manage (than the older methods).
...all of which is not possible in many relevant countries.

The world doesn't consist of US only.
After 1 month with Books, I liked to be able to buy some classics, like The Art of Unix Programming. But there's a lot to do:

1) Show the index from uploaded PDF books;
2) Support for annotations, highlights;
3) Be able to search inside the books, not the store;
4) Better font rendering on tablets;
5) Some way to group the books or keep them in some order.

It should not be too hard for google to get this done, since softwares like ezPDF Reader already do that for some time.

To sum up, having a place to keep my books organized is great. But these features are needed for real use (except item 4, which is cosmetic).
OK. I'm agree to wait till all law issues with books store will be resolved. But why Google can't open own books uploading for Ukraine (worldwide)?
Please tell me when i press the buttom it didnt open what i am telling wrong
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