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What do Argo, On the Road, Lincoln and The Hobbit have in common? See for yourself: US&CA-
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I wish i could see for myself but this service is not available yet in Sweden.
Same here. I just tried to guess what the coincidences were... books
And what's up with the customers from the rest of the world?
Link blocked at work due to being adverstising?
Isn't everything in Hollywood pretty much a book coming to theaters?
Oops, this isn't available in some parts of the USA. (Like, for example, Puerto Rico.)
Link works fine in my N10, goes straight ton the Play Book store. And they are all books that were made into movies recently.
all movies i Haven't seen....i should win a play gift card for getting the correct answer ;)
No support for this service in Sweden. To bad. 
Any plans on activating it for Sweden? I'd gladly pay in dollars if needed.
"What do Argo, On the Road, Lincoln and The Hobbit have in common?" 

Answer: None of these are available in any other country than USA/CAN....... 

now what do i win ? oh wait i dont qualify....i dont live in "MURICA" 
Books, Movies, Music and Series unavailable in South Africa because of reasons! 
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