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Cooking for your New Year's party? Check out these great light, yet very delicious recipes from Martha Stewart Living You'll be glad you left that extra stick of butter in the fridge.
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They prefer the shortener because they're sending you through Doubleclick first. And that's where these links always fail for me.
If the URL is real long guys, you can just grab the URL from the address bar and paste it into a post in the "Link" option.

That will result in a rich G+ post with a nice big picture, headline hyper link and description. Anything on Google Play can be shared that way just by grabbing the single page URL / permalink from the address bar.
I prefere the good old austrian Apfelstrudel and as maincourse the traditional Wienerschnitzel !  Alle the best for 2013 & Google+ !
When Google music in Czech Republic? 
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