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Not only is it #FreeFriday , but our monthly song sampler, #Antenna , returns to bring you a new selection of eccentric and fresh tracks. Give them a try (US-, and let us know which songs you like. #TGIF  
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+Google Play is it possible you can have a button added to the page to add all the free songs at once for free music offers like this in the future as it is a pain to click each free track one at a time and then click buy as well.
+Saeed W Hah, no worries. I mean, it's the only option for those who MUST  listen to music ONLY from Google Play. 
Need to enter a credit card to get free music. Seems legit.
I wonder how many players need to rely on an external GPS. I'd be for blocking usage of the app when an external GPS is in use.

Edit: G+ app has issues. I reply to a post and it gets attached to a post I was viewing 5 minutes prior. WTF.
Can we please get official regional google plus accounts.  It gets very bloody annoying seeing all of these offers, when I can barely use any of them.

I don't what the goal of posting the specials here is, but all it's doing is frustrating and annoying me
Each time google play puts up a link to free stuff they put a country code in front of the link - in example CA is Canada while US is United State to save people from clicking links that are not applicable to their region.
Thomas, I'm aware of that.  I however live in Australia, so I literally never get links applicable to my region.  It's frustrating, because this group is also a source of knowledge about new features and stuff that are relevant to me.  It's getting really old seeing endless  special features that aren't available to the majority of the world
+Ray Macey Hey, if you REALLLYY want to get music and you're in another country.... google "market enabler"... I would post a link, bbbuuuttt... ya know...
P.S. Check out XDA for more info
+Kenny Gee The real issue is the amount of the damned things that come through that aren't relevant.  I don't "really want music".  I've got music already (spotify),  I'd just like to see the non relevant specials toned down/replaced with relevant specials/filtered out
+Ray Macey Unfortunately, Google doesn't tailor to individual needs. I'm sure in the future they will have some sort of option to filter country specific specials. Until then, you're probably going to be upset for quite some time. Something you just gotta deal with for the time being.
+Thomas Ally not only should there be a button to add all tracks but they should also be added as a playlist since that's how they promote the antenna samplers. 
Wow I find it hard to comprehend , I was using LG optimus 1 while Google play was android market and now I'm using a galaxy S III, how come the good Android phones get to Nigeria while the softwares don't ? i'm Tired of reading the I'm sorry Bla Bla Bla .... obviously you ain't working on anything 
Play is launched in other countries now. UK & others should get some free loving too
+Wayne Randall What is a "
"Canada"? A country that doesn't have $16 Trillion in national debt which amounts to 70+% of overall GDP...Also a country that came on top during the 2008 recession.
К сожалению, Музыка в Google Play пока недоступна в вашей стране.
Мы работаем над тем, чтобы изменить эту ситуацию в кратчайшие сроки.
Следите за новостями.
When Google Music will be available in Switzerland ?

Free music for a small proportion of the word! Why can't Google music be global if iTunes can be?
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