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Music lovers, the wait is over! The #GooglePlayMusic app is now available for iOS:

Store up to 20,000 songs for free online and listen to them on your iPhone. The upload process is simple - you can select your iTunes folder during setup and we’ll build your library in the cloud. Or try All Access, our monthly music subscription service, which gives you an unlimited pass to a huge library of music. Create an ad-free, interactive radio station from any song or artist you love. Search for any artist from our collection of millions upon millions of songs and listen instantly. Browse recommendations from our expert music team and explore songs by genre. The “Listen Now” tab puts artists and radio stations we think you’ll like front and center so you can start listening the minute you open your library. If you haven't started your 30 day  free trial of #AllAccess, sign-up now from your computer:  
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TZig Adam
Finally. At this point now the IPhone might as well be a closed version of Android. Google has literally taken over this phone from the inside out.
TZig Adam
+Matteo Iacovitti And the angry Canadians are at it again with Google Music as usual.  In every single Google Music post.
Yet still no Google Drive for Linux.
If this had been available sooner, I would have stayed with an iPhone and never known how good Nexus is. So, I for one thank our Google overlords for not putting this out sooner. 
TZig Adam
+Justin Lim Google makes quite a lot of revenue through their iOS apps. Why sould they stop?
That is so cool. Since IOS and Apple Music is available in Canada does that mean the IOS App is in Canada. Likely not.
no thanx, the #nsa already knows, what I'm listening to...
Awesome. My digital life is complete for the year.
I've waited so long for this!!! And its finally here!!! I'm so glad that they're supporting iOS 6!!!
+Justin Lim they're not supporting apple over anyone else, what their doing is creating a massive customer base for their services regardless of the platform. If everyone is using Google services, the underlying OS is irrelevant. Google wins! 
No "I feel lucky" radio option in the iOS app...... <smh>
Us angry Canadians will be in all threads until resolved. Google has not said why even. At least not as far as I can see. We are alsomad at our Mayor.
+Douglas Anderson Yeah, besides Google has a massive amount of users on iOS. If Android suddenly fails and goes out of business, Google still wins either way as long as they are using their services on any other OS supported.
Screw IOS, Apple doesn't make shit available for Android. 
+Troy Chapman I guess that will come soon. That feature was recently introduced in the Android app.
this isnt about Apple vs Google. This is about more and more Apple users becoming dependent on Google services...iOS users love Google more than they will ever admit...
+Calvin Uijlen Correct, report I read said Google is working to bring that feature to iOS.  Love the "I feel lucky" feature on my android devices.
The app crashes when creating a new playlist on iOS 7.
If they would allow me to download music files I'd be all over it. Until then, Xbox music is still better. 
The app is not available in countries that don't have google musics service?
+Craig Phillips Google is an software and advertisement company. It's their JOB to make sure they are available on many platforms they feel fit.
They are profiting not supporting!
Finally! Now I can continue listening to Google Play Music on my Android phone.
Finally.  I can now listen to my Google Play Music Collection without having to resort to tethering my nexus 7 to my iPhone 4S
I don't see Apple giving us FaceTime or iTunes. Why the hell does Google give away its goodies to iPhone users.
I just came here for the Canadian hate
Google make money on people downloading the app and buying songs in the app. +Camille S-M
Timo Ta
Google Apps only for Google Phones!!! Otherwise Apple should bring iLife and iWork in Android
Not in Canada. I've been thinking of making a competitor for markets that are boy supported, because I'm getting tired of trying to integrate with iTunes. 
+Camille S-M because Apple is the bad guy and Google the good guy ;) (and even more important, you make more money if it's released multi-platform)
This might actual get me to switch.  I hate iTunes, but the rest of the phone was nice.
Ah, this is one of the things I love about you +Google Play, you release your major apps on other platforms.
I have a Nexus 5, 7, etc, but should I bump my head really hard one day and want to get an iPhone, I won't have to leave all my Google stuff behind.  
+Aaron Couts I do. Apple did that one thing so well that everything else might as well be steam powered. 
+Timo Ta the iLife & iWork apps aren't anything special on iOS Google Drive & Microsoft Office are way more feature rich even on iOS in my opinion.
Android evangelists must realize that they'd never survive in this business. If google operated the way you knuckleheads think they should they wouldn't be where they're at and y'all would be sporting blackberrys still. A lot of us are dual users and not staunch fanboys like some of you. Thank you Google! 
+Joshua Percell Apple worked it out with our government, as did Rdio, Sony and others. No reason Google can't figure it out. 
About time... My iPod is for music. Thanks Google! 
Just need an iPad version now, but this will do for now!!!!
+Camille S-M why do Android need FaceTime when Hangouts basically does the same thing anyway ?
I don't have an iPhone... is this better than iTunes?
I got the app but I have a question if I turn off my wifi will my data will my data be used or is there a way to download music to my phone or create a play list to my phone????? Google explain the app in more detail I'm not use to
google play music other than on my computer 
My only complaint about this is that its not universal compatible. Its in iPhone screen size. I have an ipad
I sure wish this would support AUDIOBOOKS. Otherwise, I love it. Way better than iTunes.
+Leandrew Rowsey You can pin music, use the pin icon when you are in a album and you can make music offline available 
Screw Apple, make the service world wide instead!
"Music lovers, the wait is over!"

"The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories."

Stop trolling me, +Google Play!
This is the norm for a services company like +Google. Get your services on as many platforms as you can and it all boils down to more $$$.
Where are the auto playlists like Thumbs Up?
I wouldn't start deleting all your music off of your iPhone just yet. Music is not downloading to my iPhone (no progress bar or anything). Also there is no "local music" tab, so you may end up using your data allowance when you don't want to
Where's the offline music support? 
+Arison Douglass same here. Hit the little download pin on a album but nothing happens. Just general playback works fine though.
Balls in Apple's court now, iTunes on Android anyone?
Wait, what?? Why?!?! What happened to competition?? I thought little Androids eat apples for breakfast??? 
WTF? Do not you understand, APPLE IS AGAINST YOU GOOGLE
Waiting for Google Play Music Store in SE Asia
+Guilherme Ramalho

Some of us acually use the both of both worlds. I have a Moto X and an IPad Mini(Retina DIsplay) . Best combination.

If Apple was really against this they would have rejected Google Music on the spot. Even they know Google's apps are the main culprits of making the iPhone better nowdays. Why not profit off of it.
Now it’s time for certain fruit company to release iTunes for Android… oh, wait
Sounds like iTunes ain't gonna be the Apple music household anymore
Really glad it came to ios before Canada. .... sense my sarcasm ?
You don't see apple having itunes on Android!
I know you don't wanna do it, but
How about a Windows Phone App?
I would really like to use your services, especially Play Music, but I'm not able to do it! And our market share is partly higher than iOS'.
Mmmm play Music for iPad !!! 
+TZig Adam Yes...but....
you are right but there is or was a war going between them(copying each other) and patent war, if i get an apple product by any unknow mean i will sell it(no offense), because i love android and you pay more 300 euros just for the apple name.(not talking about mac's because you pay more 1000 euros just for the apple name in it).
I have to have an iPhone for work, so this is a really nice addition. Excellent execution +Google Play!
Been waiting so long for this. Chromecast support too. Thanks Google. 
+Benjamin Englesmith I don't mean downloading purchased tracks.

I want to be able to download albums for offline play with my subscription like I can through zune/xbox music. 

With the microsoft service I can download and do whatever I want with the music as long as I pay the monthly service fee (which is $20 a year cheaper). I only have to purchase songs if I want to use them without the DRM (ie. buyrn a disk or give to a friend).
Anyone know when you can get movies to download on Google play in Ireland. Every country has it except Ireland. :(
Just in time for me! I let my iTunes match subscription expire the other day cause it was too buggy even after being out for over a year now.
+Seth Grigg you can actually watch most (or maybe all I don't have many videos from Google Play) purchased movies and shows from Google Play on the iOS YouTube app right now under the "Purchased tab". You can even stream them to a Chromecast and they look very good.

I think a dedicated app with offline playback, and position sync would be awesome though!
THANKS! Now ... about that free month ...
+Rampriya Vijayakumar Yes you do. Austria,Belgium, UK, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxeumborg, Netherlands, Portagul, Russia, Spain all have All-Access. Maybe not in your country but it seems most of Europe has it. At least you guys have Spotify, which the Canadians don't even have that too from the last time i was there.
Please add a podcasting feature to the music app +Google Play It's the only thing that makes me long for iTunes/iPod ecosystem...
I didn't think this was possible.
The actual Google Music website needs Chromecast support.
+Diego Cevallos yes there is. Just pin the music you want to listen to offline to the device you want to listen to it on. (Or are you talking about the iOS app specifically? That I don't know...)
Ismel C
Say whaaattt....!!!!
+Rohan Hira i dont think it music service is available here in Google Play Music..all we have is Ganna and Saavn
Finally! My iPhone without google would be just a toy! XD mail, search, translation, blog, office work, maps, snaapseed, blog, books and now music! Thanks from Italy ;)
Just installed on my iPod but it will not download any tracks for offline use!
+Roland Hurt I couldn't give a rats ass about FaceTime. Im not a fan of anything Apple. But unfortunately FaceTime is a big reason I've seen people switch over to iPhone.
+Camille S-M It's good business. Who cares what Apple does and does not make available? 
I'm glad I don't live in Canada. 
Nice. Please add iPad-formatted UI.
Loving the app guys. However, the play app seems to be more network heavy than others others there (Spotify). My Carrier is Sprint (it sucks i know) but the Spotify app works like a charm under a variety of network conditions. Just this morning sitting at my desk my phone switched from LTE to 3G and all of the sudden the Play app just would not load songs. Or play them and randomly stop as if trying to buffer. I do realize this is not entirely your fault, but as i pointed out, even with a crappy carrier such as Sprint Spotify works flawlessly. Something to consider.
+John Chavez you might want to change the sound quality for when you are on your network,it will work faster! I'm guessing this option is available as it is on android.
Finally! I can listen to it on my ipod when my phone is dead or charging
Sweet. But let's say if getting no extra money from Apple wasn't a big deal, wouldn't getting rid of all of the Google Apps from iOS force people to use +Android which = even more money than before. Always thought this
+Aaron Denne Not really, Google is using resources to maintain Android AND its Google apps for it. They make the money back with people using their Android apps. That means they aren't getting much net growth from Android. On iOS, Apple is doing the work of maintenence on the iPhone OS for Google. That saves Google resources and money so they see more net profit from iOS users.
Thanks +Dave Johnson. Giving it a go but after cancelling my subscription in frustration that it took so long to get to IOS I'm more than happy with spotify at the moment. Time will tell if I change in the future
iOS users, don't use it, the app is not so good
Ummm iOS users are wasting their time in the first place buying apple products
Carmx x
Google always makes the right move, let's be honest. 
They should give out another free month trial to people to had one before but never used the service on an Android phone or anything. Now that the service has an iOS app I would actually be able to test it properly.
I'm still waiting for KitKat 
When did Google STARTED jumping on IOS DICK?
+Owen Crane if u really want the music on your iPod, use this, I think its what ur looking for
Finally, after all these months, Google finally released the music app. SO AWESOME!!!!!!
Magic! We have now achieved just about universal access to music (okay, in Countries allowed). This is great and will be going on a huge push to get my friends, family and colleagues to not only try it out, but switch! 
And for some reason it looks way better than the android one
Why support your enemy?! You may have a plan up your sleeve. Again, like another certain app, the iOS version looks better than the Android version.
How do you download a track from your library?
Working flawlessly for me. Thank you Google
Please make the iPad version available soon thank you Google.
I know Google makes a ton of money making apps for iOS, but how do they make money from free apps?
Please fix your app and widget in Android first.... I have a Nexus 4 and the music widget changed to a 4x2 from a 4x1... that was unnecessary. In the app, when I stream music, it cuts here and there and stops randomly... possibly the internet around my place sucks but if it is the app, please fix it.
It appears you are not able to download songs from your library, but only able to download entire album. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, where does one access a downloaded album?
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

About time!
Apple is over Google revolution win
Awesome! I wasn't expecting it but great since now I can share my All Access subscription with my bf
+Rob Dupuis they use anonymous info from the apps to increase the strength of their advertising power
That's why they don't care if somebody uses iOS or Android, as long as a huge number of people are using their services 
Dear +Google Play I'm a big fan of your services and I've bought from you more than 7 nexus devices, shouldn't you give me a gift of one month free music access? I promise to give you the $10 back when I finish my computer science bachelor degree 😟.
Guys, you can download the songs offline on the app. Just look for a white and orange arrow button on the particular album or song. 
+Aja Hemphill yes about iOS app but the pin option for offline is in the album section in " my library" thanks
Where is South Africa please!!!!!!cn I hv frnds on google+
What about Windows Phone?!
It's really annoying that you release all your applications to ios but to Windows Phone you dont relese even basic applications like YouTube or gmail
Wth Google, these jackasses are suing you (yet again), why support them? 
it's so stupid you have to put a card number just to get the free subscription ! Please fix  Google! I'm going back to iTunes until this is fixed!
I'm gonna try this later with my iPad 
No offense but that took a long while. Hated using the web app when I had an iphone
The Android Version looks better. But it sounds good for all iPhone user.
Is it possible to save music to iOS device for offline listening?

I haven't been able to do this yet

Would appreciate if someone could tell me

not rigid body but the consantret is a sing a song loois
+Aarron Chittock Yes. Just look for a white and orange arrow button on the album of your choice. That is the offline download feature.
There could well be a change coming!...... Ill even admit that sounds promising! 😳

Sent from Wealthy's iPhone
Apple might as well make an android phone
Bad move. Put apple on play music. Now play music is broken. Karma?
Awesome. I've been waiting for this for months now.
+Leandrew Rowsey you can create a playlist then choose "make available offline" from that playlists options
Is anyone else having issues with this app.  It absolutely refuses to synch songs that I added to a playlist from my Nexus 7.  It's fine if I add from the computer, but not my Nexus 7.  Anyone else experiencing this?
Ugh.Why dont they just make Android available for iPhone while they're at it? Why would iPhone need Google play music? What about iTunes? It seems quite unnecessary. 
if only worked in Malaysia...
there is a bug. When you pause the music and someone calls you after that, it resumes after the end of the call. better say it starts to play.
The target market - the almighty dollar. Exclusivity is dead
Three days go google .h

Boo Yup hoping ptrrtrrr0popoop

Doesn't work offline mode /:
+Kene Udejiofor Three Reasons:

1. I can play all of my 8000+ songs on my phone without having to worry about storage unless i downloaded them offline.

2. For Android user switching to iOS, this makes them feel very much at home as if you never left.

3. All-Access = playing any music you want specifically from the entire Google Play catalog. ITunes Radio chooses the music for you and nothing more.
In Spain, at least in my iPhone I can't download playlists offline, I can do it I previously uploaded them. 
Now that I know how Google Play actually works, I am not sure I like the service. The music you 'upload' is not actually uploaded anywhere. They use a algorithm to match what is on your computer to what they have in their store. While that does save on bandwidth (not that it matters to me), the crap they have in their store is all edited music. You ever try to listen to a song you know with certain words edited out? How can you expect a person to try the service then ask them to pay for it when what they pay for is not as good as simply as buying the song on iTunes or buying a CD? If you are going to upload music, then really upload what is on my computer, not what is in your servers which I almost guarantee is not what I already own.
+Vernon Parker I hear you about edited music because I've come across a few of my songs that this has happened to and it is very annoying. You can correct the match though and Google will then upload your file or  match it to the correct version again annoying but its there. I may be mistaken but I think iTunes Match works in a similar way only difference is iTunes match isn't free. Oh and uploading and playing your songs is free you don't have to pay anything for that. The monthly sub is for  all access which is completely different and not necessary but can be very useful. 
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