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Google Play hung out with 6 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Cornelius Mootoo, Ben Cunningham, William Devereux, Anna Todovich, Scott Sexton, and Saara Bergstrom
Google Play presents: Angry Birds Star Wars Live Hangout
Google Play and 6 others participated
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You cant join any groups from the web browser any more

Did you ever thing that Angry Birds would bloom into this?
To be honest, I am unsure. I just clicked the link, and it said I was hanging out.
This is "on air" meaning we can only watch. It stops everyone from talking over each other.
Dear Google play, as a dedicated Android user based in Belgium it is very frustrating that the only thing i still can buy from Google play store is apps. No content no hardware. Hell you can't even buy a nexus 7 here. Everyone buys apple instead. Come on shake a leg. Get global.
+Google Play keep the content for now give us devices anxious here from Trinidad and Tobago but the rest of the android army global just as anxious dont dissapoint 13th is Nexus day 
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