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Movies on Google Play is now available in Spain, including titles like Fuga de Cerebros 2 ( and El Sueño de Iván (
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Zuan Ted
When Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
Well, why limit movies/books to the language of the country? I have always preferred to read in the English, French, Spanish or Italian original (unfortunately that is my limit for now) instead of in the Portuguese translation. Now that I am living in Italy it seems that I can only buy books in the Italian translation - no thank you.
But prices are too expensive.
When will it be available in the US for rooted devices???
So wie die gema das bei youtube händelt und in anbetracht, dass man hier doch eh nichts mehr darf als “freier und mündiger Bürger “, glaubt ihr doch nicht, dass wir hier das volle programm von google play werden nutzen können?
Nice!! I hope music comes soon too!
NZ? We don't have anything except Android apps.
Even Auzzie gets movies, and maybe books.
When will be available in Hungary?
Gracias Google, ahora solo falta la música y me haréis muy feliz.
Thanks you Google. Many users were waiting for it in spain.
Well, for at least one thing, Spain is better than Germany hehehe ;)
So when will we get it in Turkey?
Is it Google's intention to provide movies, music and books to all regions? If so what is the eta?
Nice one! I was expecting some welcome offer like in France but thanks anyway!

Expecting to see music and books. It's difficult to swap from Android to other OS :-)
Expand to Malaysia too, please. Books, Movies and Music!
What about latin american countries??? #panama
How about you just roll it out across all of Europe?
I prefer Google books, hope will be the next
i think Germany is going to be the last.. it's the most problematic nation in video proprieties, just check youtube. that's such a step down for Germany, we're staying behind.. :( congrats to Spain!
And Colombia, do you remember us down here? Yes, that not-so-little country at the northern tip of south america with ~45 million people. Until then I guess I have to keep borrowing movies and books from my internet acquaintances all over the world.
Lithuania is 3.5 million people but we still would like to have google play! :)
Movies/Music/Books in Mexico please!!!!!!!!!!!
Yet more proof that international boundaries should mean nothing when it comes to Internet content.  Steaming media should be released globally with no restrictions, especially when the content is being paid for!
FINALLY! Now the only thing missing is books ;)
D e u t s c h ( E ) l a n d ? ? ? Woran liegt es, woran scheitert es?
I want Italy and Poland :D and all the other countries aswell!!
I´m from all those different places!! :)
Why so many different country's?
#soum does anyone in spain " wherever that is" want to share? Just between us of course
Ya es hora de que en Puerto Rico, también dejen ver películas y musica!!!!
I'm stepping stone to the request to have these services in Italy. After all books I had already bought on Google Books, you could see that there's interested people to spend and enjoy these services, isn't it? Sorry for my worst English but I didn't studied English at school, it's all self study!!!!!
Please expand Movies, Music, Books and Devices to Malaysia. Thanks
Seria casi indispensable para mi por lo menos la posibilidad de las películas en VOS
when google play music and movies will be available in italy?
copy right policies are too complicated..but surely italy will be first than germany..
We need Play Movies in Germany !!!!

Is there any timetable?
first gogle needs to study the policies and law of a particular counry..then they need to contact the content managers..
pretty tough
play books/music france !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!
There are many english speaking people in Spain. Why is there no choice of language.
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