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Before you watch what happens in Wargames (US-, when a young computer whizz finds himself in control of a top-secret computer, play against him in the strategic puzzle game Wargames: WOPR What are your favorite movies turned video games? #tbt #VideoGamesIGrewUpWith
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Not available in your country :-(
I love me some Ally Sheedy.
I remember this movie.  This is the one about the computer that learned to play tic-tac-toe right and figured out that the same results (that nobody wins) apply to nuclear war so it refused to launch it's missiles  right?  This one stands out because it was the first time I ever saw Cheyenne mountain, which most people know today as the place where the government keeps the Stargate.  ;o)
I love love LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! YESSS!!
my favourite movie/real live action game is "the chase for the nexus 4" you know he (the hero) has a hard time getting what he is searching for all odds are against him but finally he has it almost in his hands but then the tides turn and he his journey comes to a bitter end. it is a techno thriller 
WOPR link says "moved temporarily"
No disponible en mi pais
Jens H.
the only winning move is not to play
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
Stop complaining that it's not in your country when the link specifically says US in it.
Why is there only 1 Google Play stream for every country (well the USA). Or the ability to restrict posts based on country (like you can in adwords and youtube)...???
It was called the WOPR, but you were playing with Joshua. Anyone else remember that?
+Google Play I know it is difficult for US based companies not to think US Centric, but is there any chance you could set up a separate account for your US customers & perhaps for International.  Ideally we could get per-country feeds (perhaps you could have a stream per country & build a custom contribution app to still let you manage it centrally).  Even as a starting point keep this account for the US, and set up a "Google Play International" for the rest of us.
I'm afraid to say that at the moment you just manage to disappoint your international customers with announcement after announcement that's US Centric.
At the end of the day, your current approach will only result in people from around the globe unfollowing you (as I'm about to), which I'm sure is not your aim.  Perhaps look within your organisation or to other organisations with assistance in your digital marketing strategy.  This one's not working.
Locally for me, I'd love to think that +Google Australia could pick up the slack, although I realise that organisationally that's unlikely to happen.
WOPR was the military designation ("War Operations Planned Response"), but Joshua was the name of Professor Falken's deceased child, and hence the back-door into the system.
Good morning Dr Falken, would you like to play a game?

Every time I see this movie I feel older! =(
Such an awesome classic movie.
Android: Good morning, Mr. Jobs. Shall we play a game?
Steve Jobs: Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War.
Android: Wouldn't you prefer a good game of chess?
Steve Jobs: Later. Right now lets play Global Thermonuclear War.
Not available in Czech Republic. Komix............:-P 
THAT'S AWESOME. For those that get Google Music. Meanwhile, in the backblocks of Australia, we'd just like Google Music. Even if it only had 3 artists on it! There is no alternative to iTunes on Android. Amazon doesn't work, Google Music doesn't work...
This not available bullshit does my head in. We live in a digital age where the global community is more connected than ever. Be we still have to put up with this digital rights rubish. 
The soviet union was crumbling in the 1980s. I really think launching missiles at usa would not be a wise idea.
taleis el guerra tenha realmente começado ai . neste bombardeio ao estados unidos da america 
Because your governments' censor your internet... RISE, REBEL, RESIST!!!
Nope cant watch it in malaysia too....

still not available in Portugal...
Hmm "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."

Probably +Google Play has forgot once again that there are users outside of the USA!
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