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We’re kicking off our hangout with the +Springpad  and users in about an hour at 12PM PST today! Tune in to Google Play presents: Springpad Behind the Scenes to hear how Springpad powerusers are using the app and what’s coming next.  The hangout will be happening right here on +Google Play. 
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Great timing, it's Androidtapp's App of the Week too!
Waiting for mah invite! I'm supposed to be speaking!
Will video of the Hangout be available after it's over?
It's now 18 minutes before the event and I cannot find how to join the hangout from my iPad. There's no new link from the Event invitation either. Can someone help please. +Springpad +Google Play
Agreed! I asked Katin, and she said Google is sending the invites because it's hosted by Google.
Us powerusers were supposed to get invites 14 minutes ago.
Hey guys, the folks at +Google Play are working it out as we type... Stay tuned for a link.  See you all soon!!!
Ok I guess I am not participating. I know I can initiate a hangout from my iPad & iPhone, but I see the Event invitation says this hangout is not supported on these devices. Very confusing. 
I'm surprised that they aren't supported!
+Grace McCarter this is what I don't understand. I just tested it and the iPhone definitely allows me to start a hangout. So why, +Google Play, can't I join this event I have been invited to?
+Paul Masiello I ran into the same thing.  What's the point of an RSVP if you can't get in?  Silly.
As a disgruntled former Google Notebook user I don't understand why Google doesn't just have their own functionality like this. I want something that integrates with all my other Google apps which is why Google should just do this themselves. Seems to me it would be easy as pie for them (you) to set up. It could revolve around +1s and Google+ posts which could be organized, tagged by subject and stored in another Google+ tab. Sorry to dis Springpad but I would just rather keep all my stuff within Google.
yo Google Play needs a serious redesign on the browser because it really sucks major pelotas!
+Grace McCarter It seems I was finally able to connect :)  Although it was using another laptop with a webcam!  And just before the hangout ended I tried again with G+ on my iPhone, and it worked!  Go figure.  :)  Anyway, it was a cool hangout.
Well, nice to put voices to the usual cheerleaders, but it would've been better to have had a balanced hangout - this was less informative than an informercial. I just found out about this today and on the Springpad Facebook page it seems as though they gave users 2 hours notice (although that was more than was given for the last major upgrade). I note that some users may have been invited, but seem to have had issues connecting.

I would suggest that next time a hangout is organised you give users more notice - you might then get a more interesting set of views.
i am impressed, you guys really did a great job by ignoring your costumer.
The Google Play Team, you guys well done.
you guys let me how awful your  costumer service is.
i just want to know the meaning of preorder?i ordered mine at june 28.
 if you guys could delay my shipping any time you want without any
Good job.
Thank you.
+Google Play Just as a follow-up from yesterday's hangout, I wanted to inquire as to why your hosted Hangout would not allow me to join using my iPad 3 or iPhone 4?  I was completely prepared to use one of these 2 devices, but although I could open the event invitation, the Google+ app stated "You cannot join this hangout from this device" or something very similar.  Why would this be?  Also, I found it confusing trying to find a method to get to the hangout while using the Google+ app on the iPad & iPhone.  For some reason I could to straight to Events on my laptop, but not directly on the iPad & iPhone.  Thanks again for hosting this hangout.
we are now in design mode. and we have  a new team of developers joining the project, we would like to get every former springpad user signed up for beta, we will announce beta sign up in about 3-6 months or earlier.  We will keep the same functionality of Springpad plus the power of a organized social network.  Please stay tuned.  We have a community right now if you want to start following us there, we will be posting weekly updates
This is a little confusing.  Is this a message about Springpad or about Google Play?  If Springpad, the last I heard was that it was shut down.
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