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¡Vivan los libros! Books on Google Play now available in Spain ( Hundreds of thousands of Spanish titles to choose from, including El Prisionero del Cielo by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ( and Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo… pero dime ven by Albert Espinosa ( Spaniards can start reading today on the web, and on Android and iOS devices.
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No English version available for English speaking immigrants in Spain?
C'mon! Come to Hungary too with Music!!!
i do not no i have a bother and do u have a bother or a siser 
It's coming to Brazil! The page is now in Portuguese!
ok my brother is 17 and want is your siser yer
Please allow ebook lending and giving.
when will it launch for india??
When is music and movies be available in India????
Nerds people need to come to USA so u peeps can stop asking

It's annoying 
Mismo problema que las películas: muy caros
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